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Opening The Door


Fun to see the improvement in sitting on the floor for meditation with just time, patience, and practice. No pressure! Systematic diligence! Opening the door…

DSC_3598 seated



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Corporate Warm-up



Jumping out of  bed and heading to a physical job requires an awareness transition in order to not get hurt on the job. Just 5 minutes of stretching, warm-up, loosening, etc. or whatever you want to call it is vital in reducing injuries.



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Pick A Job That Includes Fitness?


One way to add fitness into your lifestyle is to select a job that requires exercise while on the job. Loading UPS trucks for four plus hours in the morning is turning out to be an awesome fitness booster–not to mention the aspects of balance, weight distribution, integrated movement, flexibility, and more.


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Sitting Cross-Legged For Months


DSC_3598 seated

The possibility of sitting cross-legged without external support and for long periods of time is starting to emerge. If one can sit supported from the core enough than no extra pressure is put on the limbs, neck, shoulders, feet, etc. it is as if one is in a balanced state while seated. One step is getting into the position another step is maintaining the position without stress for extended periods of time. Pain free sitting has involved attention to many details. Extending the time is the continuing aim.



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Not Just “No Man’s Zone”


Constantly amazed by the subtlety of the core and its’ importance!  Not to be taken as just this “no man’s zone” if you want result, reduce injuries, and harmonize ever move from the inside out than get familiar with your core! Getting so inspired about creating and implementing core awareness and workout classes.



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Selfseeds Template Applied In India


Water on fire

An example of living with the Selfseeds Template while I am in India.  Create your own and get started on your Selfseeds garden!

1. Selfseeds Fitness:  Running an hour a day and adding 30 minutes to an hour with TapouT XT, P90X, ball, or Hip Hop Abs.  A big key to fitness is just doing something consistently.  I do a variety of programs to keep my mind and body engaged, but I carve out a regular amount of time, so I have a commitment to movement.  Noticing with the running that I need days not to run too.  Walking is a great substitute.  New muscles are being challenged and I am trying to be thoughtful instead of a warrior about developing the new program without injuries.  Listen to your body!


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 2. Selfseeds Nutrition:  Enjoying eating homemade, fresh food, no preservatives, no sugar, and new flavors.  I often don’t know what I am eating, but it tastes incredible, wholesome, and vegetarian.  My body is so loving this meal plan!  My snacks are still fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dried fruit. And PLENTY of water!


3. Selfseeds Stillness.  Exploring the inner world. Calm. Meditation as a daily practice in an ashram.


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 4. Selfseeds Emotions: state of mind, reactions, feelings. Contemplating my environment and what I have contact to on a daily basis.


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 5. Selfseeds Weight Distribution: noticing the small details of how my feet strikes the ground, the symmetry of my arm swing, my alignment while sitting, and making tiny adjustments regularly.


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 6. Selfseeds Balance: balance in life approach. Making time for fitness, flexibility, nutrition, stillness, personalize 5, and more.  Pick exercises to do with or on the physio-ball daily, so I have to find my physical inner balance.  Pick a few from the group below and have fun.

10 min with 9 exercises

100 different exercises (Very awesome video)


 7. Selfseeds Flexibility: stretching, range of motion, evenness, myofascial release.  The physical therapist gave me a lacrosse ball to roll on, so I could address knots and tight areas. A daily examination as new levels of fitness are added.  Meditating long hours  while sitting on the floor is increasing my range of flexibility–big time!


Stretching is no longer a warmup, it’s the workoutNew York Daily News

Most people think of stretching like dessert — it might make you feel good, it’s optional, and it’s probably not worth it. But when we found ourselves strapped to a 


8. Selfseeds Rhythm: breath, heart beat, footfall, music, temple bells,  and activities for the day.


 9. Selfseeds Integrative Band: TapouT XT is the mega band program, core awareness, and integration for moving and sitting.

Tapout XT

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10. Selfseeds Partnering: riding , standing with your elephant, walking your dog, sharing a conversation.



11. Selfseeds Personalize 5 : walking in nature, watching the sunset, listening to a favorite song, be creative… it is for your soul.  I am enjoying taking photos.




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My Ducks Never Appear To Get In A Row?



From night to day–the dawning.

While living on the planet, can anyone afford not to be flexible to stay in the flow?  I was raised with the idea of getting my ducks in a row and then all will be perfect.  Funny how I tried that technique for most of my life, but the ducks kept moving.  I have changed techniques now and I am becoming a swimmer–floating with life.

Regarding flexibility and the body,  it is useful for lengthening tight areas (#2 in the Corrective Exercises approach to problem solving in the body) which allows for healthier ranges of motion in the joints, fewer strained muscles, and greater freedom of movement.  If you don’t have time to exercise then stretch.  Flexibility is a very important aspect of the kinetic chain (human movement system.)


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Weight Distribution, Posture, and Alignment

When do we need posture and alignment?  The better question would be when do we not need posture and alignment? Everything about the body design is focused on alignment and posture, so the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones can operate with minimal distortion, pain, or injury.  For many  repetitive stress, accidents, genetic composition, and more can lead to postural challenges.  Seeking professional input and assessment, learning how to correct or improve old injuries, developing a program to strengthen and lengthen challenge areas, and attention to detail are all ways to start making changes.  How I walk, reach, and bend are all moments to sense into my body and work towards improved functional alignment.


 Practicing rotational movement with alignment for dancing, strengthening, and challenging range of motion.
The young horses are progressing quickly. Interesting to observe them when they are led away from the group and start to know them as individuals.
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Daily Selfseed #4 Stretching 4 Ways (Flexibility)



Picking just one stretch is a great start to planting your Selfseeds personal garden!  I like the feel of being limber, flexible, and unlimited in my range of motion. A major aspect of stretching is to support range of motion which we need to stay healthy and functioning well in our day-to-day lives.
How to Become More Flexible: Establishing a Stretching Routine to 
Do you wish that you could be more flexible? Many people regret losing the natural flexibility that they enjoyed as children, but you do not have to simply accept
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The Countdown…

Only days away from launching Virtual Selfseeds. Heather has outdone herself with her creative genius and I have been making lots and lots of videos, since that is the name of the game with virtual. As a result of the flow of Youtube uploads, the search engine found two today on the search. Yippee!!

Daily Selfseed #45 Integrative Exercises Stationary and Rolling …
Advanced exercise–warning if you attempt it. Challenging the body in space and motion …

Daily Selfseed #41 Integrative Exercises Caball Stretch Pull Twist …
The end result of fitness training is integrating it back into functional fitness–your daily life …

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