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Selfseeds Through The Eyes of Any Animal

Traveling and seeing different animals, under varied conditions, and with diverse cultures is an educational program in itself. What do all animals have to teach us? Awareness, stillness, state of presence, and more from the inner frontier. It is a shame that their more simplistic living style gets them labeled as less intelligent. We have…

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Thomas Jefferson Middle School ASES & Selfseeds Nutrition

  The weekly goal was choosing a selfseed and making a digital interpretation . One afternoon was focused on developing a plan of action. A second afternoon was busy creating photos/videos. The mission was learning about key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle while having creative fun!!   What a joy to work with the ASES…

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Special Moment

So many different ways to experience partnering. Today was special when I got to pet an elephant while I was walking to the ashram. Very humbling, magnificent animals that share the planet.

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Stillness in India

What a remarkable country to practice stillness. I came here 8 years ago looking for answers to the basic oneness of human nature, life, and the possibility of inner peace. Significant answers have been answered, but the practice is in daily life. The irony of India is that it is not still or quiet. One…

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Textures Everywhere

The joy of textures. Sensing, seeing, hearing, feeling, and more. Start with one for Selfseeds Personalize 5.                                        

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Soul Dance

  Man can never make the soul dance, but he can make himself a fit instrument for the expression of his soul.  HIK  

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A Vision Starts As A Seed.

A vision starts as a seed. I have walked on the Mumbai beaches. Thank you for being an advocate for the health and wellness of the waterways in India.   PS: It’s almost time to vote for the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year! Be sure to brief yourself on all the wonderful people we’ve…

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Breathing As A Practice

Thank you Joel!! Awesome to share the path of life and the planting of a selfseed! Great contribution to the village who will help grow the Selfseeds Garden. ###### breathing as a practice ###### The basic premise of breathing practices the world over is the relationship between the activity of the breath and the activity…

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Maree McAteer & Smokey Sharing WE tips

It has been fun this summer helping Maree create a video sequence for the Working Equitation (WE) training and with the Selfseeds concepts included too. Selfseeds through the eyes of the horse is sharing the first video of the series, but there are more on the Selfseeds Youtube channel. Take a look and benefit from…

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