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 We Nurture Young Minds, Bodies, and Spirits With Seed-Experiences for Self Discovery

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The 11 Selfseeds are: Rhythm, Flexibility, Balance, Partnering, Feeling/Emotions, Stillness, Fitness, Weight Distribution, Nutrition, Integration, and, Personalize 5.

Planting 11 Selfseeds!

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Where can the Seed-Experiences grow?

School programs (public and private)

After school programs

Sport centers

Sport clubs

Social clubs

Office/work space

Therapeutic centers

Youth programs (Boys & Girls Club, Scouts, etc.)

Family seed challenge

Retirement Homes

Spiritual/Religious groups

Equestrian events 


Health Spas


Nature walks

Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes to be, see, hear, feel, or do!

Plant a Selfseed!

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If you are here, you likely work with kids and are looking for ways to teach them essential life skills.

The 11 core Selfseeds experiences prepare you for a healthy lifestyle and an ability to face life with harmony. The living lens is unique to each of you, so the seed-experiences guide you through awareness, feel, and integration. These insights support new ways of looking at obstacles and innovating naturally. Selfseeds are designed so apply each seed in a playful manner. 


Self-empowerment can grow at any age!


The vision for Selfseeds is to be taught to 1 million plus children…to equip them with essential tools that are rarely taught in school, but would make a massive difference in these kids' lives.


"While sharing Selfseeds workshops globally over the course of the past 12 years, I feel very deeply that gentle support and a safe environment are critical for developing kindness in our self-awareness. We all benefit from the journey into our personal design."


In the Workshops you discover practices that are:

  • Simple-that can be experienced in a 1 ½ hours workshop or divided into separate days.
  • Practicalnatural ways learned and applied in your daily life.
  • Situational–taught so they can be activated in a situation where that skill is needed.
  • Scientific–all of the selfseeds can be backed by scientific research on how each of them works to change our state and improve our lives.
  • Non-denominational–the selfseeds can be practiced by anyone regardless of their belief systems.

A seed is a miracle, containing within it the creative spark of life. Every person, without exception, contains that spark, waiting to sprout the miracle within. The Selfseeds program helps the participant, through optimizing body, mind, and spirit, to bring forth his or her unique gift.” Takao

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Let's Get Started Growing Your Selfseeds Garden!

Plant your journey today and create a garden for a life change. Seeds grow in stages and seasons. Choices are abundant. Designs are unlimited. Planting and replanting are always options. Seeds are grown for wellness, awareness, and mindfulness.

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