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As part of growing the Selfseeds community, we encourage you to share your experiences and feedback using the program. Do you have a favorite seed, or a Personalize 5 you would like to share? Use the form below to tell us about it. You can write a description and additionally, upload a photo or video. Upon approval, your experience, photo, or video will be added to our community page.

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Selfseeds Through The Eyes of Any Animal

Nov 07, 2019 10:55 AM
Traveling and seeing different animals, under varied conditions, and with diverse cultures is an educational program in itself. What do all animals have to teach us? Awareness, stillness, state of presence, and more from the inner frontier. It is a shame that their more simplistic living style gets them labeled as less intelligent. We have so much to learn from them. Try sitting with your pet for just five minutes, no agenda, no phone, and practice awareness. Selfseeds CNN: Arts

Steve McCurry’s photos show the complex relationship between humans and animals

Updated 7th November 2019

Thomas Jefferson Middle School ASES & Selfseeds Nutrition

Nov 05, 2019 16:34 PM


The weekly goal was choosing a selfseed and making a digital interpretation . One afternoon was focused on developing a plan of action. A second afternoon was busy creating photos/videos. The mission was learning about key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle while having creative fun!!


What a joy to work with the ASES photography students from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Indio, California. Plus, their fearless photography mentor, Jorge Andrade, shaped the seed production! They were a wonderful combination for creating digital selfseeds.


Thank you Maria Gonzalez, organizer for the ASES program, for suggesting the team idea! You were a great mentor and I learned a lot for future projects too!



Special Moment

Oct 31, 2019 11:01 AM

So many different ways to experience partnering. Today was special when I got to pet an elephant while I was walking to the ashram. Very humbling, magnificent animals that share the planet.

Stillness in India

Oct 26, 2019 2:41 AM

What a remarkable country to practice stillness. I came here 8 years ago looking for answers to the basic oneness of human nature, life, and the possibility of inner peace. Significant answers have been answered, but the practice is in daily life. The irony of India is that it is not still or quiet. One learns to focus inwardly under all conditions. Walking in nature can be relatively still and quiet, but not in an ashram. The ashram gives one a wonderful setting for practicing. learning, and exploring inward conditions.


Textures Everywhere

Oct 22, 2019 14:23 PM

The joy of textures. Sensing, seeing, hearing, feeling, and more. Start with one for Selfseeds Personalize 5.





















Soul Dance

Oct 20, 2019 16:58 PM


Man can never make the soul dance, but he can make himself a fit instrument for the expression of his soul.  HIK



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