Growing A Garden Has So Many Metaphorical Options

      Wonderful excerpt from a must read article/podcast. Alison Gopnik-- The Evolutionary Power of Children and ...
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Living A Wheel Instead Of A Circle

  Why a wheel instead of a circle? The wheel feels dynamic and full of life. The circle ...
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Voices From The Animal Kingdom

  Wonderful discovery of a messenger from the animal world! Thank you Sandra! My spiritual path has led ...
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What Feeds Your Soul?

  Selfseeds Personalize 5 was added to the Selfseeds sacred garden for a reason. The soul or spirit ...
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Thomas Jefferson Middle School ASES & Selfseeds Fitness

    What fun to see how enthusiastic, young, capable people interpret the topic fitness. Thank you Thomas ...
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Selfseeds Through The Eyes of Any Animal

Traveling and seeing different animals, under varied conditions, and with diverse cultures is an educational program in itself. ...
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