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Pandemic And Life With Horses

What a privilege to spend most of my day with horses. Life in a bubble in many ways. ...
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Inner Peace for Horses

Thank you Windell for capturing this lovely photo of part of the group! Isolation doesn't change their peaceful ...
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Life in Lockdown with Maree in NZ

Time for reflection Life in lockdown.  We have our time reorganized. Time is  all we really have in ...
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A Caterpillar Teaching

  “Long is the night for the sleepless. Long is the road for the weary. Long is samsara ...
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Freedom to Ride

    "I am so grateful now more than ever to be an equestrian and have this lifestyle. ...
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The Flow in the Circle with the Horse

  “Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.” -Lao Tzu Within the stillness one ...
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