Eddie becomes ripped with just 5 to 10 minutes of exercise regularly

Less is more.  If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I probably would be skeptical about the idea ...
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Mini Habits

Thank you Vicky for sharing this article on mini-habits. Wonderful cheerleading for "Just 5 minutes" with Selfseeds. All ...
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My Horse, My Heart, My Soul

My Horse, My Heart, My Soul   Seven international professionals who consciously work from their hearts, share their ...
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Tasting The Earth With My Feet: Walking

Fall walk in Hungary Fall leaves
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Unexpected Adventure at Little Book Cliffs, CO

Georgia asked me to write a short story about the unexpected adventure. As a youth, I had a ...
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The Mountain

  Living in silence in the daily presence of a mountain inspires humility and gratitude. Nature and animals ...
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