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Fitness in Increments

Rain days and post rainy days means hiking or hand walking the horses. Nice to have hills, so ...
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The Distance

What is the inner and outer condition of the horse while looking in the distance? This young horse ...
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Selfseeds Template

    What is a template? A suggestion? An idea? A point of contact? A reminder? Something to ...
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The joy of hearing one's dearest friend's stories. Selfseeds Emotions. What is more sacred then listening to deep ...
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Living with the Selfseeds Garden

Living with the Selfseeds Garden. The rain, the sun, the day, the night, and change/growth.  Is there ever ...
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Sharing a Rock Chew

Selfseeds Partnering: friends share a chew on the rock covered with lichen. So heartfelt to see the horses ...
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