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Nice Thoughts To Live By Eckhart Tolle

This week's present moment reminder.
“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”

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Look Around. What Does This Inspire?


Look around. What does this inspire?

Selfseeds Stillness

Selfseeds Emotions

Selfseeds Fitness

Selfseeds Personalize 5



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Range Of Articles On Emotions

emotions sm


1. Nice visual possibility for emotions.


How we feel emotions in our Body | The ManKind Project Journal

The ManKind Project Journal (Gonzalo Salinas) – by Boysen Hodgson from Discover Magazine Research done by a group of scientists, recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy
2. Emotions in the 21st Century regarding botox–humanity is remarkable
Botox and the Freezing of Emotions | 21st Century Spirituality | Big 

Big Think (Derek Beres) – Davidson was working under an assumption dating back to Charles Darwin: changing your facial expression can shift your emotions. While this
3. “Life is short. Do something you love. Do it with people you love working with and be your own first customer.”Paul DeJoe The Two Emotions That Can Save Your Brain From Burnout

Fast Company – There are two emotions that you can control to prevent burnout and increase the likelihood of success: excitement and empathy. Empathy is for your
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Selfseeds Template Applied In India


Water on fire

An example of living with the Selfseeds Template while I am in India.  Create your own and get started on your Selfseeds garden!

1. Selfseeds Fitness:  Running an hour a day and adding 30 minutes to an hour with TapouT XT, P90X, ball, or Hip Hop Abs.  A big key to fitness is just doing something consistently.  I do a variety of programs to keep my mind and body engaged, but I carve out a regular amount of time, so I have a commitment to movement.  Noticing with the running that I need days not to run too.  Walking is a great substitute.  New muscles are being challenged and I am trying to be thoughtful instead of a warrior about developing the new program without injuries.  Listen to your body!


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 2. Selfseeds Nutrition:  Enjoying eating homemade, fresh food, no preservatives, no sugar, and new flavors.  I often don’t know what I am eating, but it tastes incredible, wholesome, and vegetarian.  My body is so loving this meal plan!  My snacks are still fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dried fruit. And PLENTY of water!


3. Selfseeds Stillness.  Exploring the inner world. Calm. Meditation as a daily practice in an ashram.


(Selfseeds blog post below)

(short video below)


 4. Selfseeds Emotions: state of mind, reactions, feelings. Contemplating my environment and what I have contact to on a daily basis.


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 5. Selfseeds Weight Distribution: noticing the small details of how my feet strikes the ground, the symmetry of my arm swing, my alignment while sitting, and making tiny adjustments regularly.


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 6. Selfseeds Balance: balance in life approach. Making time for fitness, flexibility, nutrition, stillness, personalize 5, and more.  Pick exercises to do with or on the physio-ball daily, so I have to find my physical inner balance.  Pick a few from the group below and have fun.

10 min with 9 exercises

100 different exercises (Very awesome video)


 7. Selfseeds Flexibility: stretching, range of motion, evenness, myofascial release.  The physical therapist gave me a lacrosse ball to roll on, so I could address knots and tight areas. A daily examination as new levels of fitness are added.  Meditating long hours  while sitting on the floor is increasing my range of flexibility–big time!


Stretching is no longer a warmup, it’s the workoutNew York Daily News

Most people think of stretching like dessert — it might make you feel good, it’s optional, and it’s probably not worth it. But when we found ourselves strapped to a 


8. Selfseeds Rhythm: breath, heart beat, footfall, music, temple bells,  and activities for the day.


 9. Selfseeds Integrative Band: TapouT XT is the mega band program, core awareness, and integration for moving and sitting.

Tapout XT

(Selfseeds blog post below)


10. Selfseeds Partnering: riding , standing with your elephant, walking your dog, sharing a conversation.



11. Selfseeds Personalize 5 : walking in nature, watching the sunset, listening to a favorite song, be creative… it is for your soul.  I am enjoying taking photos.




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What Is On The Selfseeds’ Horizon?



Balloon Ride Anyone? Personalize 5

What is next on the Selfseeds’ horizon?

First of all, the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is cueing up.

Secondly, Karen and I have decided to move forward enthusiastically with the retreat development.  The opportunity to develop, share, and help facilitate an environment for the living cycle of “being-to-doing-to-being,” through the eyes of the self and the horse is inspiring both of us tremendously.  We are gratefully able to take all of our experiences and put them in a shared basket for others:  the template of Selfseeds, ground work, biomechanics, and potentially riding will be the format.

The retreat format can be challenging “to make the time,” but the need for emersion is often what supports understanding, transformation, and the use of new tools/awareness practices.  We are going to create a menu of options that allow for varied time allowances–hours to days.  My current time in India reminds me of the invaluable aspects of “diving in” to what it is that we want to explore. The process of making the space is often daunting, but I have never regretted the outcome. Is it the voice of the ego trying to keep a rein on the situation?

Over the years of taking personal retreats for better understanding myself, the path, the horse, techniques for better communication, and more, the reserved time allows for an environment with fewer outer distractions. There is a single-pointedness in the design that supports the experience as personal and unique. My time in India has different distractions than living in California, but the primary focus rises to the surface rather than being submerged by my history of day-to-day living.  The shift in environment often allows an opening to deepen inner awareness that can be more difficult to orchestrate or justify in a daily stillness practice. Ironically, the deepening often gives one more support for one’s daily practice, so it becomes a win-win situation.

More to follow as we create the technical side for support:  website, brochure, etc.

Plant a selfseed and watch your personal garden grow!


Morning run by Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

(short video below)

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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!


Sydney, Australia



Gym window onboard the cruise ship. Selfseeds Fitness



Sydney Opera House (Amazing inside and outside!)



No excuses not to exercise with these views. Nice parking spot!



Sydney Harbor



Solarium (Selfseeds Stillness)



Sydney (view from the harbor.) (Personalize 5 Selfseeds)



Home for 12 days, Sydney to Auckland. Selfseeds abundance!


No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting, or nurturing one of your own selfseeds daily! The Selfeed community would love to have you add one of your favorites!  Send a newsletter or Daily Selfseed video to a friend, family member, significant other and inspire the start of a Selfseed garden.

The Selseeds travel collection continues… Selfseeds #101 through #108 (view videos below.)


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Detailed Video Production and CES

Having fun with the video production.  There is so much to share with 11 Selfseeds available. Lining up the people to interview, continuing to amass articles, and the information from the next leg of the personal training program, CES Corrective Exercises.  

Read More ...
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Is There Anything Emotions Don’t Effect?

“There are two classes of emotions. One class needs to be expressed, talked about. … The other class of emotions include anger, strong attachment, and strong desire; there is no natural end to these.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Those words pretty well some up the powerful effects of emotions.  Could anyone ever doubt that emotions aren’t important in health, outlook on life, motivation, relationships, and the list goes on.  Slowly, the Western world is getting back in touch with the effects of emotions by learning from the East.  We have a pill for everything, but why not try to find the root of the disturbance.  Make a change organically rather than rely on the drugstore.  Modern medicine is fantastic too, but not as a substitute for understanding the basic requirements of healthful living.

How could emotions not influence the health of the body?

When the Body Says No: How Emotions Can Cause or Prevent Dea 

When the Body Says No: How Emotions Can Cause or Prevent Deadly Disease

Physician Gabor Maté argues too many doctors ignore what was once a commonplace assumption, that emotions are implicated in the development of illnesses and in their healing.
Editor’s note: the following is an interview with Canadian physician and bestselling author Gabor Mate, on the relationship between emotions and the body.

Dr. Maté argues too many doctors seem to have forgotten what was once a commonplace assumption, that emotions are deeply implicated in both the development of illness, addictions and disorders, and in their healing.

Dr. Maté came on Democracy Now! this year to discuss his book When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection. Based on medical studies and his own experience with chronically ill patients at the Palliative Care Unit at Vancouver Hospital, where he was the medical coordinator for seven years, Dr. Maté argues that stress and individual emotional makeup play critical roles in an array of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Speaking to us this time from Vancouver — it was actually during the Vancouver Olympics — Dr. Maté began by explaining his analysis of the mind-body connection.

DR. GABOR MATÉ: You know, the traditional medicines of China for 3,000 years, the ayurvedic medicine of India, and the tribal shamanic medicines of all cultures around the world have always taken for granted that mind and body can’t be separated. Now, Western medicine has cleaved the two apart for, really, 2,000 years. Socrates already criticized the doctors of his day for separating the mind from the body. And the irony — in fact, the tragedy — is that now we have the Western science that shows, incontrovertibly and in great detail, that mind and body can’t be separated, and so that any attempt to do so leaves the medical practitioner short of many tools to help clients. And, of course, it leaves patients short of what they need for their own healing.

The point now is that the emotional centers of the brain, which regulate our behaviors and our responses and our reactions, are physiologically connected with — and we know exactly how they’re connected — with the immune system, the nervous system and the hormonal apparatus. In fact, it’s no longer possible, scientifically, to speak of these as separate systems, as if immunity was separate from emotions, as if the nervous system was separate from the hormonal apparatus. There’s one system, and they’re wired together by the nervous system itself and joined together by chemical messengers that they all secrete, and so that whatever happens emotionally has an impact immunologically, and vice versa. So, for example, we know now that the white cells in the circulation of our — of the blood can manufacture every hormone that the brain can manufacture, and vice versa, so that the brain and the immune system are always talking to one another.

So, in short, we have one system. The science that studies it is called psychoneuroimmunology. And scientifically, it’s not even controversial, but it’s completely lacking from medical practice.

Note:  this article continues with a very informative interview, so click on the link to continue.

When the Body Says No: How Emotions Can Cause or Prevent Dea 

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Living on a Roller Coaster Ride?

Emotions:  they are like riding a roller coaster all day.  The ride starts rolling the moment we start into the awake state of the day until we enter a deep sleep state.  Everyday the ride continues.  Can we change the track we are on?  The speed?  The view?  We do have choices, but it starts with understanding what emotions are and then observing how our own fit into the profile.  There is probably some type of application for tracking emotions or the old fashion way of keeping a diary works too.  This isn’t an easy journey or one that changes overnight, so it is up to the individuals desire to change the amusement park ride.

Wonderful article below on how to get started.

Emotions show our true colors

The Benefits of Understanding Our Emotions

Emotions show our true colors

By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY

If your life is running on autopilot, there is new cause to break away and get in touch with your emotions.

By Suzy Parker, USA TODAY

“We’re so distracted by technology, there’s a growing hunger for a renewed connection with ourselves and what’s happening in the moment,” says Daniel Goleman, whose 1995 best seller, Emotional Intelligence, popularized the idea that there are other kinds of intelligence not measured by standard IQ tests.
Being attentive to your emotional state doesn’t make you self-absorbed — rather, it can translate into benefits for health and well-being, say those who have picked up the torch for this new movement.
Medical advances in brain imaging also have expanded our understanding of how brain activity relates to our emotions.
“The scientific literature certainly shows a dramatic rise of research into the emotions since the 1990s,” saysJohn Mayer, a personality psychologist at the University of New Hampshire in Durham who was among the first to discuss the existence of an “emotional” intelligence. “It is possible that the increased research on emotions in the scientific community is filtering into the public to some degree.”

Good or bad, feelings drive us

Psychiatrist John Sharp, who teaches at the medical schools of both Harvard Universityand the University of California-Los Angeles, says the growing awareness of emotions is relatively new.
Not too long ago, “there was a kind of perceived virtue in not ‘giving in to your feelings,’ ” he says. “Now I think we are recognizing that our feelings drive our states of either well-being or ill health.”
Research has shown that suppressing emotions can have health consequences, both physically and emotionally; it has been linked with conditions including high blood pressure, heart attack and liver disease.
Sharp, also a neuropsychiatrist, notes that functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) lets researchers see changes in the brain — such as when someone is feeling love or fear or is concentrating. Scientists couldn’t do that with X-rays, CT scans or MRIs until the relatively new step that enables researchers to measure the tiny metabolic changes that take place in an active part of the brain.
In his new book, The Emotional Calendar, Sharp says environmental, psychological and cultural factors affect mood and behavior. He suggests the seasons do bring emotional ups and downs — some people experience “winter doldrums,” and others are affected by personal anniversaries at certain times of the year.
“The ‘Great Recession’ and joblessness and challenges that came with it” also have made people more aware of their emotions, suggests Travis Bradberry, co-author of the 2009 book Emotional Intelligence 2.0.
The “heavily charged political climate” has been a “particularly emotionally arousing period,” he adds.
Bradberry says many people still ignore their emotions, but it’s a mistake to not recognize that they can be a primary driver of behavior. “It’s very easy to get numb to our emotions,” he says.

‘Macho’ man image fading

That’s why New York City psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld says she created an iPhone app called Awareness ($3.99).“The first thing it does is it stops you. It says, ‘What are you feeling right now?’ That’s an unusual question,” Herzfeld says. “It just gongs, and the prompt says to record your feelings.”The application invites users to take a deep breath, choose from eight mood categories and 115 feelings within those moods. It also offers brief videos to help people deal with these feelings. Herzfeld says the aim is to give people a daily diary of their feelings to learn how much time is spent feeling certain ways, such as happy or sad.

In fields such as business and politics, showing emotions in public used to be a taboo, but that seems to be changing — witness House Speaker John Boehner, who is known for the public tears he sheds. Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also have expressed their emotions by crying publicly.
Sharp says the “macho” idea to keep feelings hidden is fading, and outward displays of emotion are becoming more accepted.
“I think people see the value of understanding where they’re coming from emotionally.”
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Just how powerful are emotions?

Do we ever take for granted how much emotions shape our passage through life?  How do we step back and look at what is useful in our emotional approach?  Education and introspection.  Emotions are what have influenced how we have gotten our needs met and how we work with the daily input.  Here is a nice article reminding us of some of the roots of emotions.

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