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A Vision Starts As A Seed.

A vision starts as a seed. I have walked on the Mumbai beaches. Thank you for being an advocate for the health and wellness of the waterways in India.


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Afroz Shah, a lawyer in Mumbai, has been cleaning up beaches in India every weekend for four years. What does that feat look like in numbers? Well, it’s 209 weekends, with 20,000 volunteers joining him along the way. Together, they’ve cleared more than 60 million pounds of garbage — mostly plastic waste — from Mumbai’s beaches and waterways. It’s a sad situation, and that’s what motivated Shah to start his cleaning movement in the first place. He used to play at Mumbai’s Versova Beach as a child, and when he returned there in 2015, he said he was “repulsed” by all the trash. Now, Versova Beach is a LOT cleaner than it was a few years ago, and Shah and the army of volunteers he’s inspired are going to work on other areas. “This problem of pollution is created by us,” he says. “If this huge ocean is in a problem, we’ll have to rise up in huge numbers.”



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