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1. Nice visual possibility for emotions.


How we feel emotions in our Body | The ManKind Project Journal

The ManKind Project Journal (Gonzalo Salinas) – by Boysen Hodgson from Discover Magazine Research done by a group of scientists, recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy
2. Emotions in the 21st Century regarding botox–humanity is remarkable
Botox and the Freezing of Emotions | 21st Century Spirituality | Big 

Big Think (Derek Beres) – Davidson was working under an assumption dating back to Charles Darwin: changing your facial expression can shift your emotions. While this
3. “Life is short. Do something you love. Do it with people you love working with and be your own first customer.”Paul DeJoe The Two Emotions That Can Save Your Brain From Burnout

Fast Company – There are two emotions that you can control to prevent burnout and increase the likelihood of success: excitement and empathy. Empathy is for your
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