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Horse Shoeing and the Soul


As I sit with the self-quarantine/stay at home directive, I recognize how fortunate I am to share it with six horses. Just watching the group wander around in their area, share life, and play brings joy to my heart. It got me thinking about what others are experiencing with their lives with horses under the current scenario of isolation.

Molly texted me a wonderful example. Thank you Molly!!!

“I’m not sure what you mean by isolation. However, my heart often swells with awe and appreciation for the horse. They are so kind and humble and willing to please. Sometimes it will hit me mid-shoeing how fortunate I am to know the soul of a horse.

As I am driving nails through its’ feet and the horse is standing submissively and cheerfully.

I was at Strang the other day under a big warmblood mare.  The wind was blowing the snow sideways into her face. There were tarpsflapping and loose boards chattering. Octavio was back and forth with the big tractor and trailer with the big Forks on it for feeding the cows. She did not have a friend to calm her and keep her company, yet she was kind and patient.

My heart swelled with the enormity of both the obligation and the gift of my profession.



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