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Pacing The Day

Happy 2017 as the New Year!

Experimenting with when to exercise, when to meditate, when to stretch, and so on. Meditating before exercising is working well. In India, I was exercising before sitting, because I would sit for longer periods of time. Exercising before or after work is okay. Exercising before and after work is a bonus. Hydration is very important. Eating regularly keeps me fueled for a long day of activity. Partnering is included in my normal day of work. Awareness of weight distribution is a must for staying centered on the horses. Selfseeds are easily a daily practice.

The journal is getting printed this week!

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Acceptance As The Parallel Path


IMG_5399 1
Acceptance while waiting for owner to pray at the temple.

IMG_5400 2

More acceptance…

Daily stumbling on how to proceed with a friendship that has changed directions during the past year. I have exhausted my list and thought I would ask Gurudev for ideas on what I am overlooking.

Three paths of relationships:

1. Merging
2. Diverging
3. Parallel

When in doubt stay parallel which translates to acceptance. Of course this means examining the ego for signs of merging or diverging unconsciously. Parallel is not easy, but it feels like a lovely approach for the spiritual heart. Until one knows eternal truth, one is subject to examining the ego and doing the best one can from one’s particular point on the path. Pranam for the simple wisdom.

Ballroom dancing was a 20 year study of parallelness in motion. No pulling or pushing was the objective while two people with a shared center moved across the floor with varied tempos and movement patterns. The difference being both people were working towards the same end point. Parallel as a state of being is a new dance step to observe and work with.

IMG_5401 3
And more acceptance…

IMG_5402 4

Not everyone would accept someone stepping up one’s head like a staircase.


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Selfseeds Template Applied In India


Water on fire

An example of living with the Selfseeds Template while I am in India.  Create your own and get started on your Selfseeds garden!

1. Selfseeds Fitness:  Running an hour a day and adding 30 minutes to an hour with TapouT XT, P90X, ball, or Hip Hop Abs.  A big key to fitness is just doing something consistently.  I do a variety of programs to keep my mind and body engaged, but I carve out a regular amount of time, so I have a commitment to movement.  Noticing with the running that I need days not to run too.  Walking is a great substitute.  New muscles are being challenged and I am trying to be thoughtful instead of a warrior about developing the new program without injuries.  Listen to your body!


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 2. Selfseeds Nutrition:  Enjoying eating homemade, fresh food, no preservatives, no sugar, and new flavors.  I often don’t know what I am eating, but it tastes incredible, wholesome, and vegetarian.  My body is so loving this meal plan!  My snacks are still fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dried fruit. And PLENTY of water!


3. Selfseeds Stillness.  Exploring the inner world. Calm. Meditation as a daily practice in an ashram.


(Selfseeds blog post below)

(short video below)


 4. Selfseeds Emotions: state of mind, reactions, feelings. Contemplating my environment and what I have contact to on a daily basis.


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 5. Selfseeds Weight Distribution: noticing the small details of how my feet strikes the ground, the symmetry of my arm swing, my alignment while sitting, and making tiny adjustments regularly.


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 6. Selfseeds Balance: balance in life approach. Making time for fitness, flexibility, nutrition, stillness, personalize 5, and more.  Pick exercises to do with or on the physio-ball daily, so I have to find my physical inner balance.  Pick a few from the group below and have fun.

10 min with 9 exercises

100 different exercises (Very awesome video)


 7. Selfseeds Flexibility: stretching, range of motion, evenness, myofascial release.  The physical therapist gave me a lacrosse ball to roll on, so I could address knots and tight areas. A daily examination as new levels of fitness are added.  Meditating long hours  while sitting on the floor is increasing my range of flexibility–big time!


Stretching is no longer a warmup, it’s the workoutNew York Daily News

Most people think of stretching like dessert — it might make you feel good, it’s optional, and it’s probably not worth it. But when we found ourselves strapped to a 


8. Selfseeds Rhythm: breath, heart beat, footfall, music, temple bells,  and activities for the day.


 9. Selfseeds Integrative Band: TapouT XT is the mega band program, core awareness, and integration for moving and sitting.

Tapout XT

(Selfseeds blog post below)


10. Selfseeds Partnering: riding , standing with your elephant, walking your dog, sharing a conversation.



11. Selfseeds Personalize 5 : walking in nature, watching the sunset, listening to a favorite song, be creative… it is for your soul.  I am enjoying taking photos.




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Collaboration On The Horizon


Heading to Bozeman Montana to collaborate with Karen Osaski in creating a mini-2 day retreat for riders interested in “Equine Mindfulness and Awareness.”  October 5th and 6th.  Our plan is to spend 4 hours in the morning working with riders and interested people using Selfseeds as the base.  4 hours in the afternoon working with a few riders and interacting with the auditors, so they are included in the observations and discussions Karen and I will share in a collaborative approach to ground work and riding.  During the course of the 2 days, the riders will develop a Self-map of their inner/outer awareness based on the 11 Selfseeds, ground work with the horses, and riding.  The auditors will also have an opportunity to develop part of their Self-map and learn how it influences their partnership with the horse, self, and others.  The focus is on timing, feel, intuition, and refinement in sensing; all are important aspects of subtle communication and intention before taking action. Check out Karen and Sue’s websites to find out the backbone to the retreat.  What a treat to share from the view point of mind, body, and spirit!

Excited to see Yellowstone too!!

Tentative schedule:

8-12 Indoor work as two-leggeds

2-6 Outdoor work with the four-leggeds (horses)

Evening get together to share and discuss observations.

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band will be in presence at the retreat.  As I continue to heal and work with the Physical Therapist, he is always noting my body awareness and speed for change–I give the work with the “I” band the credit. The feedback and integrative capabilities for inner to outer extremities is stellar!!  I could give workshops and be a crusader for just the “I” band and not even get into the other 10 Selfseeds and feel like people are learning key aspects to their inner/outer Self-map.

(short video clip below)



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Detailed Video Production and CES

Having fun with the video production.  There is so much to share with 11 Selfseeds available. Lining up the people to interview, continuing to amass articles, and the information from the next leg of the personal training program, CES Corrective Exercises.  

Read More ...
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A Simple Communication Truth

“The single biggest problem in communication is the
illusion that it has taken place.”
 ~ George Bernard Shaw

Thank you Mr. Shaw for those simple but concise words.  Whether on a verbal or physical level, the accuracy and clarity of communication is always the challenge. What does one say and how is it said? What does one hear and how is it received?  While living in a foreign country, I am regularly reminded of the not only individualistic influences, but the cultural as well.

Interacting daily with people using English as a second language (which is remarkable in itself) often refreshes my ability, desire, and willingness to listen more closely–less is assumed and each word is received more consciously.  The presentation is often in their language’s style and rhythm which creates a different flow,  yet another variation and reason to tune in.  The facial expressions, hand gestures, physical distance all add to the differences.  It is often a case of gratitude that the words are recognizable, but the receiver must become a willing, flexible recipient.  This willingness encourages the deliverer to relax, trust, and continue with the effort. A relationship/partnership is formed even if for a moment to ask directions or buy something in a shop.

Selfseeds Partnering

Just ran across this article which is relevant to my blog observations on cultural differences in communication.

Why free speech is baffling to many

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Introduction to the Selfseeds Program (video) www.Selfseeds....

Here it is!!  A clearer outline of the program, thoughts, and components!  Enjoy!  Please don’ t hesitate with any feedback.

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Selfseeds Partnering (short video)

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Successful Partners: Consciousness in Being

While searching through my other blog  I found this article that I had written some time ago for a riding publication.   As I was reading it, I was stirred by how relevant feel and timing are for all partnerships whether with a moment in time, an object, nature, or others.  See what you think.

One Form of Partnership

Successful Partners:  Consciousness in Being

After 17 years of ballroom dancing and 40 years of riding, key ingredients to a successful partnership have crystallized.  Feel and Timing. In dancing or riding, these two very simple concepts are married together like the Yin and the Yang if the partners are working to create a three-dimensional relationship:  physical, mental, and sensing.  The concept of a three-dimensional partnership is a more complete pairing than simply two physical bodies moving together. I view the relationship in three layers:  1) the bones/skeletons as a moving X-ray creating stick figures in action, 2) two minds so the stick figures have communication and the possibility for developing synchronized movement, and  3) sensing which is the unspoken part of the partnership– the impression of magic in watching a dynamic, expressive partnership. As a rider and dancer, it fuels my enthusiasm for mastering shared harmony in motion.

Feel and timing are the key ingredients for synchronized movement, but they are also familiar aspects of our daily lives whether we are unloading a dishwasher, parking a car, or navigating a forkful of food into our mouth. Everyone moves through life with unending opportunities to feel. What one feels and how one expresses the feel are personal. I distinguish “feel” as both a receiving or inward sensation and an “expression of feel” as a giving or outward action. A very clear example of these two ideas is in a handshake. In the moment of contact, their is a ‘feel” of the hands, communication begins with each brain analyzing the experience. The handshake can stay at that level as a personal inward experience or it can go farther.   Perhaps, the greeter moves the hand toward the other person, not really pushing but expressing positive intent and the receiver acknowledges the action by meeting the contact with a matching action– both creating an “expression of feel” radiating through the hands.

Some people believe that it is not possible to teach feel. I don’t believe developing feel is a case of teaching, (since feel is already a part of us from before birth), but a case of waking up and refining what is already available. Touching a hot stove (experiencing pain) is a very severe example of waking up a particular area. Dancing and riding have obvious requirements for feel.  There is an initial contact moment when the feel becomes conscious, but how the dialogue continues is the challenge.  Interpretation of the feel, clarification of the message, and consciousness presence each moment is the challenge as the sequence of movements unfolds.  Being fully alive in life requires this same consciousness to what is present in each moment–there really isn’t anything else other than the moment we are in.

After the initial contact to an object, an impression, a scene, or a partner, there is an adjustment to the new awareness–timing.  Almost instantly following the initial assessment there are a series of adjustments created to work with these differences. The adjustments are a combination of conscious and/or unconscious actions–the language in the conversation of timing.  Using mounting a horse as an example, consider the moment a person settles onto a horse’s back. The horse can be confident of this intruder’s action and remain steady and unmoving. Or, the horse can become unsure and draw upon unconscious moments of survival and activate the flight mechanism . Likewise, the rider can sit astride the horse immediately creating a centered, appropriately-toned position, allowing the horse to be minimally disturbed.  Or the rider can brace, stiffen, and clutch, provoking the horse to feel attacked. As riding readers, you instantly begin to feel these different scenarios, leading to an internal reaction, and the brain starts to develop the options for timing and feel to work with the situations at hand.   Non riding readers can also get an emotional and physical glimpse into how easily the same starting point can end up in such different action:  there may not be as much kinesthetic basis for the reaction, but it is visceral.

Feel and timing are a part of every moment of our day.  How conscious we become of these two qualities is personal, but the first step is being present in the moment that is at hand.  The only moment. Partnering will take on a new depth to the experience whether with a moment in time, an object, nature, or others.

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