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Not Just “No Man’s Zone”


Constantly amazed by the subtlety of the core and its’ importance!  Not to be taken as just this “no man’s zone” if you want result, reduce injuries, and harmonize ever move from the inside out than get familiar with your core! Getting so inspired about creating and implementing core awareness and workout classes.



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Selfseeds Template Applied In India


Water on fire

An example of living with the Selfseeds Template while I am in India.  Create your own and get started on your Selfseeds garden!

1. Selfseeds Fitness:  Running an hour a day and adding 30 minutes to an hour with TapouT XT, P90X, ball, or Hip Hop Abs.  A big key to fitness is just doing something consistently.  I do a variety of programs to keep my mind and body engaged, but I carve out a regular amount of time, so I have a commitment to movement.  Noticing with the running that I need days not to run too.  Walking is a great substitute.  New muscles are being challenged and I am trying to be thoughtful instead of a warrior about developing the new program without injuries.  Listen to your body!


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 2. Selfseeds Nutrition:  Enjoying eating homemade, fresh food, no preservatives, no sugar, and new flavors.  I often don’t know what I am eating, but it tastes incredible, wholesome, and vegetarian.  My body is so loving this meal plan!  My snacks are still fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dried fruit. And PLENTY of water!


3. Selfseeds Stillness.  Exploring the inner world. Calm. Meditation as a daily practice in an ashram.


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(short video below)


 4. Selfseeds Emotions: state of mind, reactions, feelings. Contemplating my environment and what I have contact to on a daily basis.


(Selfseeds blog post below)


 5. Selfseeds Weight Distribution: noticing the small details of how my feet strikes the ground, the symmetry of my arm swing, my alignment while sitting, and making tiny adjustments regularly.


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 6. Selfseeds Balance: balance in life approach. Making time for fitness, flexibility, nutrition, stillness, personalize 5, and more.  Pick exercises to do with or on the physio-ball daily, so I have to find my physical inner balance.  Pick a few from the group below and have fun.

10 min with 9 exercises

100 different exercises (Very awesome video)


 7. Selfseeds Flexibility: stretching, range of motion, evenness, myofascial release.  The physical therapist gave me a lacrosse ball to roll on, so I could address knots and tight areas. A daily examination as new levels of fitness are added.  Meditating long hours  while sitting on the floor is increasing my range of flexibility–big time!


Stretching is no longer a warmup, it’s the workoutNew York Daily News

Most people think of stretching like dessert — it might make you feel good, it’s optional, and it’s probably not worth it. But when we found ourselves strapped to a 


8. Selfseeds Rhythm: breath, heart beat, footfall, music, temple bells,  and activities for the day.


 9. Selfseeds Integrative Band: TapouT XT is the mega band program, core awareness, and integration for moving and sitting.

Tapout XT

(Selfseeds blog post below)


10. Selfseeds Partnering: riding , standing with your elephant, walking your dog, sharing a conversation.



11. Selfseeds Personalize 5 : walking in nature, watching the sunset, listening to a favorite song, be creative… it is for your soul.  I am enjoying taking photos.




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TapouT XT “Master Integrative Band Program”


Tapout XT

Got started on the Tapout XT program.  It is really fun and definitely an all body workout.  One of the cool parts is that it includes a resistance band for parts of the training system.  It could be a Master Plan for using the Selfseeds Integrative Band!  I keep recognizing how key core awareness is for every aspect of movement and the maximization of safe fitness building.  More and more fitness programs are getting on board with the awareness, but isolating the action of the core to the extremities is not always examined.  It is not an easy aspect to teach, because it is simple and subtle.

Three months left for my stay in India, so perfect for working with the program until my departure.  It is different than P90X, Hip-Hop-Abs, or some of the others, because the basics are built around striking and kicking.  I have taken some kickboxing classes and it is a remarkable workout.  With these more intense programs, they have really fit people who are part of the demonstration team which could be inspiring or intimidating.  I am reasonably fit, but I am still pacing myself.  You start to become aware of where you are fit and where you are not fit.  I have never been good at push-ups or pull-ups, but I can do crazy things on the balance ball.

The challenges of new body use and awareness are something I really enjoy, probably why I have enjoyed dancing and riding. I am three months ahead on a jogging goal by making it to the top of one of the three routes I mapped out.  I thought it was going to take me three months to reach that goal, so you just never know when you challenge yourself.  Trying to be smart about the challenges by examining each new addition and the effects.  Drinking plenty of water is key to the body staying healthy with the challenges. My goal has been to incrementally “grow” my fitness, stay uninjured, and not get too sore. Finding the balance has been important with sitting in meditation for 4-6 hours a day.  When I was dancing, it was important not to get so sore that I couldn’t dance and I find the same is with sitting on the floor for meditation.

TapouT XT: Extreme MMA Workout Program | 90 Day Fitness Program

TapouT XT is a true MMA style, extreme home fitness program. Lose weight, build lean muscle, and get ripped in 90 Days. Try our MMA dvd workout program  

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Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band as a Feedback Mec...


Photo note–I could not balance like this without understanding my core and how it helps with balance. Thank you Max, Hans, and Charlotte!!!

Ok,  I am going to have to be careful not to become an “I” band evangelist, since it is so remarkable.  It can be life changing.  How do we begin to understand our body use, mechanisms for motion, and patterns to alter when we live in them?  It is difficult to stand back and observe something you are inside of –the “skin” sack as a friend refers to it. Once you become familiar with the basics of how to work with the band, it can give great internal and external feedback.  Check out the Selfseeds Integrative Band videos and see if they can provide some insight into your posture and how to work with the band.  Let me know what I can do to clarify how to work with it and why.

(Just a note to say my laptop is going into the shop for 3-5 days, but I will still be able to answer questions on my phone.  Technology is so incredible!!)
The use of my core for integrating my body within myself (internal) has been critical in my seat connection (external) to the horse.  I could not change the action of my inner muscles that feed into the action of my pelvis which then sends messages to the horse without the integrative awareness and dexterity.
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Detailed Video Production and CES

Having fun with the video production.  There is so much to share with 11 Selfseeds available. Lining up the people to interview, continuing to amass articles, and the information from the next leg of the personal training program, CES Corrective Exercises.  

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Feedback From The Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band

Integrative "I" Band as a feedback tool for proper core use.

Integrative “I” Band as a feedback tool for proper core use.

The “I” Band (Selfseeds Integrative Band) gives feedback exteriorly and interiorly for the “drawing in” action recommended for developing core stabilization in the interior/exterior muscles of the core.  There are layers to the core: local, global, and movement.  

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Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band Inspiration Momen...

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band inspiration moment.  I have been using the “I” band while cycling almost daily, but I haven’t done any of my dance balance and symmetry exercises for a few months.  I am always looking at how to freshen or change up my fitness, range of motion, and flexibility routine, so the body stays awake.   I went through the familiar group and was appreciating what a simple and effective tune-up it was. The feedback from the band is remarkable.  It is like a tattler; the minute I lost focus or alignment, the tension changed and there was a slack in the contact.

Another part of the feedback was one of the pieces of aerobic equipment tends to creep to the right while I am using it, but after working with the band, the machine didn’t creep.  I can only attribute it to being more symmetrical so I wasn’t putting more force on my right push-pull action.  In five minutes there was  a big shift in my alignment created.  Over and over again how the small details can make such a difference.  Looking forward to sharing the Selfseeds Program when I get back to the US.

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band

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Stationary Bike & Integrative “I” Band www...

Photo credit: Heather Marsh

How to be efficient and inspired with fitness?  Over and over I marvel at how simple but effective something can become with a little bit of creativity.  Having a stationary bike became an important investment for my fitness minimum while living in India; walking was a given, but I needed to add a fitness approach that was complimentary and didn’t require a lot of space.

Quite quickly, I built my stamina by using the three positions on the bike, (sitting, standing, and hovering.)  I would create different intervals mixing and matching the three positions for an hour a day.  As that became easier, I looked at doing something with the sitting time, so I added the Integrative “I” band and a set of small dumbbells.  With both exercise tools, I could incorporate a toning workout with stretching, resistance training, and weight training while keeping rhythm and cardio in the mix.  Creativity is the key. Deciding how long for a set, how many repetitions, what angle, where to attach the band (or not and freestyle it), and sensing into where my body could use personalized work is up to you and how you want to enhance your workout.

One of the most fundamental points to keep in mind is posture and core engagement while playing with the exercise tools.  In fact, that is key period to maximizing one’s benefits of cycling or with any exercises.  The more one focuses on proper alignment, a vertical spine, and core connectedness, the greater benefit one experiences for a more complete body workout.

I have added a few video links below to get the creative juices started.  Have fun and don’t hesitate to email me and ask questions.

www.Selfseeds.comDemonstrating 3 different workout positions on the stationary bicycle. Be creative. Take advantage and work different body parts.
Looking for a way to add to my stationary bicycle workout, I added the Integrative “i” Band. With all of the different ways to use the band with my upper body and positions using the bicycle, it gives me a lot of choices. The tension, number of repetitions, location are all easy to adjust and experiment with. Have fun and be creative!
www.Selfseeds.comIncorporate an Integrative “I” Band into your stationary bike workout. It adds flexibility, strengthening, rhythm, integration, and creativity to your cardio workout. Promotes inner core connection and posture awareness to the ride.Integrative exercises create functional fitness!

Looking for a way to add to my stationary bicycle workout, I added the Integrative “i” Band. With all of the different ways to use the band with my upper body and positions using the bicycle, it gives me a lot of choices. The tension, number of repetitions, location are all easy to adjust and experiment with. Have fun and be creative! This clip focuses on different sites on the bike.

Selfseeds I Band

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What A Privilege

Recently, I was asked to see if the Integrative “I” Band could help the posture of a 99 year old woman.  What a privilege?  She had such enthusiasm and a twinkle in her eye.  Her posture is rather bent from an accident, but I started from the root of the “I” Band action–the breath.  A full breath actually exercises the inner human tube and encourages upright posture.  At this stage, the band gives passive resistance, so the “breather” can feel the expansion of the ribs into a contact point. Watching this woman breath fully into her torso was remarkable confirmation of this basic action as a part of the root of health.  How many breaths do we take in a day?  How many opportunities do we have to exercise the interior of our body?  How many times could we reset to neutral spine?

As she added the action of extending one arm at a time, I could see the importance of creating the extension from the action of the breath and in a measured way, so as not to lose focus on the subtleties of the inner connection.  Over and over the emphasis on developing movement from the core to the extremities–never the other way around.  It takes time to build a new habit, but core stability and integrative movement is a meaningful outcome for longterm wellness.

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Gearing Up For New Integrative “I” Band Sequence

Having fun at the gym!

Having way too much fun growing the Integrative “I” Band use into a 0 to 100 creative fitness program.  Janelle Robinson (expert Sports Physical Therapist and resident Therapist at the Shea Center just gave it the double thumbs up for strengthening, integration, flexibility, core awareness, and more.   The “I” Band for developing internal awareness in ballroom dancing is growing into fitness dancing with weighted cables and a ball.  (The advanced level is killer!) A lot more to come…

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