Tapout XT

Got started on the Tapout XT program.  It is really fun and definitely an all body workout.  One of the cool parts is that it includes a resistance band for parts of the training system.  It could be a Master Plan for using the Selfseeds Integrative Band!  I keep recognizing how key core awareness is for every aspect of movement and the maximization of safe fitness building.  More and more fitness programs are getting on board with the awareness, but isolating the action of the core to the extremities is not always examined.  It is not an easy aspect to teach, because it is simple and subtle.

Three months left for my stay in India, so perfect for working with the program until my departure.  It is different than P90X, Hip-Hop-Abs, or some of the others, because the basics are built around striking and kicking.  I have taken some kickboxing classes and it is a remarkable workout.  With these more intense programs, they have really fit people who are part of the demonstration team which could be inspiring or intimidating.  I am reasonably fit, but I am still pacing myself.  You start to become aware of where you are fit and where you are not fit.  I have never been good at push-ups or pull-ups, but I can do crazy things on the balance ball.

The challenges of new body use and awareness are something I really enjoy, probably why I have enjoyed dancing and riding. I am three months ahead on a jogging goal by making it to the top of one of the three routes I mapped out.  I thought it was going to take me three months to reach that goal, so you just never know when you challenge yourself.  Trying to be smart about the challenges by examining each new addition and the effects.  Drinking plenty of water is key to the body staying healthy with the challenges. My goal has been to incrementally “grow” my fitness, stay uninjured, and not get too sore. Finding the balance has been important with sitting in meditation for 4-6 hours a day.  When I was dancing, it was important not to get so sore that I couldn’t dance and I find the same is with sitting on the floor for meditation.

TapouT XT: Extreme MMA Workout Program | 90 Day Fitness Program


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