How long do we navigate our lives without going inward?  How quickly do we want to back out of going inward once we go there?  What an interesting duality.  Can we find the solutions outwardly?  At this point, I would say temporarily. Relief by self medicating.  Take your pick–food, alcohol, drugs, retail therapy, etc. They can all be fun, but not lasting. What is the value of inner stillness?  Peace, calm, tranquility, alignment to right action, kindness, love, truth…  Is it our true nature?  Yes, so why is it so hard to find?  Living has provided a lot of opportunities for obscuring it.  The mind loves living with stories, creating stories, and finding jobs that aren’t required.

Meditating in India can provide part of the outer distractions that challenge attempts at going inward.  The good news is it provides contrast, so when you aren’t distracted than you have probably touched some aspect of inner stillness.   It becomes recognizably quiet as something different than being disturbed by the lack of a quiet practice zone. Don’t get me wrong, meditating in a quiet atmosphere is delicious and recommended.  I tend to migrate into a quieter corner of the ashram when I want to just go inward with less effort.  My mind is always available for providing effort, so it isn’t like I am getting a free pass.

The connection to horses and other animals have given me an access point and an awareness of this inner place. but learning to walk it alone is well worth the journey.  At the end of the day, the self is the access point for all aspects of being and doing. Life changing often.  Take 5 minutes and plant a Selfseed Stillness in your personal garden.

(short video below)

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