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Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band Inspiration Moment

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band inspiration moment.  I have been using the “I” band while cycling almost daily, but I haven’t done any of my dance balance and symmetry exercises for a few months.  I am always looking at how to freshen or change up my fitness, range of motion, and flexibility routine, so the body stays awake.   I went through the familiar group and was appreciating what a simple and effective tune-up it was. The feedback from the band is remarkable.  It is like a tattler; the minute I lost focus or alignment, the tension changed and there was a slack in the contact.

Another part of the feedback was one of the pieces of aerobic equipment tends to creep to the right while I am using it, but after working with the band, the machine didn’t creep.  I can only attribute it to being more symmetrical so I wasn’t putting more force on my right push-pull action.  In five minutes there was  a big shift in my alignment created.  Over and over again how the small details can make such a difference.  Looking forward to sharing the Selfseeds Program when I get back to the US.

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band

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