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Pacing The Day

Happy 2017 as the New Year!

Experimenting with when to exercise, when to meditate, when to stretch, and so on. Meditating before exercising is working well. In India, I was exercising before sitting, because I would sit for longer periods of time. Exercising before or after work is okay. Exercising before and after work is a bonus. Hydration is very important. Eating regularly keeps me fueled for a long day of activity. Partnering is included in my normal day of work. Awareness of weight distribution is a must for staying centered on the horses. Selfseeds are easily a daily practice.

The journal is getting printed this week!

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Creativity While In Motion





Half way point…

Nothing like climbing the stairs of a fortress wall to get your heart pumping.  Running up to the fortress was less cardio than actually climbing the wall.  Balance was underlined as well.  Falling off the wall would not be pretty, so I needed to be aware of everything that involved not tripping, lurching, or losing balance. A couple of times I needed to do a little self talk when my mind wanted to scream, “What were you thinking!”   The best part of the exercise was the creativity while in motion.  I wasn’t just exercising, but it had a functional, integrative, real life survival flair to it.  Nice to take the actual conditioning and training and apply it in a real life situation.


Amazing View


Headed back


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Safety While On The Run



Amber Fort, India

Stubbornness and a joy of exercising have created a must look at the safety factor of running, walking, working out at the gym in foreign places. What is the point of exercising if you are hurt or violated in some way that completely unhinges your wellness physically or mentally, but what is the balance?  As a warrior type, I probably dip too far into the risk taking mode, so living in India on or off for the past three years has brought a reality check into the vulnerability of women–period.  As a white woman walking, there is an underline, since I am visible, a novelty, and come with all of the western connotations of “loose women,” because of what is often depicted on television shows.

I tried the gym, but it was sort of like adding a bloody carcass to a shark feeding area and saying, “Don’t touch.” No matter what boundary, amount of disinterested focus, attitude or whatever technique I drew upon for the day, the sharks kept coming and the mental work out became a bigger price than the benefits of the physical workout.  Plan B, exercise outside the gym or in my room.  Playing workout DVD’s is good and there are a lot of choices, but I hunger for the outer world too. Plan C, the strategy has been to start the work out early, before “the world” is too alive, but late enough that there is light arising.  Having lived and traveled internationally a fair amount, there is a window of opportunity for walking, running, etc. that intuitively feels safe as a woman, but as a woman there is never an absolute.  Yes, the extra radar awareness needs to be turned on when moving through areas that are unfamiliar. Walking with purpose and a sense of presence (not the look at me, here I come type) are all ingredients for body language, setting an intention, and a tone for business. I have found there are usually others out exercising too even if they aren’t strategizing about safety.
Another benefit of starting early, you feel satisfied and fulfilled to start the day with something precious to your state of being. Check mark by the “you are important and I value my state of well being.”  The activity takes the “edge off,” but also invigorates me for a place of inner calmness, problem solving with less ego attachment, and a sense of ease in the body structure.  On a personal note, I love the light of the morning and watching what starts to unfold as the master painter adds light and shade to what was in darkness–the magic of light.
Is this possible for everyone, all of the time–probably not, but the share is regarding exercise and safety while living and traveling in foreign places. Are there places in the world that woman don’t have to consider there personal safety?  Maybe, but since i have grown up with some need for awareness, that hard wiring is a part of me and I need to respect it.  Friends and family may be shocked to hear me concede this point, since I am the warrior type, but the gang raping situation in India and the distorted individuals who are opportunistic and without moral boundaries worldwide means I need to look out for me without losing all freedom.  A balancing act, but one to be honored.
A walk up the hill

A walk up the hill

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Sue’s Signature Selfseed

Thank you for the inspiration Janelle!!  This is going to be Sue’s Signature Selfseed.

8 July 2013 22:13

As the Selfseeds Community Garden begins to grow, I have been very deeply touched by the contributions. The story behind what is presented through a few verses, a photo, or a video can be amazing! It is inspiring to witness the tender new growth. Thank you Lynda, Heather, and Norma.

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Next Generation of DVD’s


Hip Hop Abs

The DVD library is expanding. Just got the next generation of Hip Hop Abs–Rockin’Body. Part of the fun is experiencing the progression and seeing bits and pieces of the Inanity Program. Shaun T is the ringmaster and you see a lot of the same cast. They have cleverly created a fitness program out of the 7 workouts. If someone wanted to build up to the Insanity Program, this would be a good preparation for movement and endurance.

Having DVD’s at home is fantastic, because you can touch into the fitness aspect of your life as an integration. I may not be able to go to the gym everyday, but I can usually find 15, 30 minutes or an hour at home. No driving, set-up time, or changing room just slip in the DVD and go. I like the dance part, creativity with the body, and moving in ways most of us don’t move to make it fun.

I couldn’t resist the hard core series Tapout. It is marked extreme training! Sounds like fun!!!

TO logo

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Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Going to a dance competition is like going to a foreign country.  Dancing with the Stars has sort of desensitized us to the glitz and glamour, but being there live is another intensity.  You get to feel the vibration of all the dancers in action and being one of the participants is a blast.

On the drive home, I was reflecting on how many Selfseeds that I touched upon:  balance, fitness, nutrition, weight distribution, integrative band, flexibility, stillness, emotions, rhythm, partnering, and personalized 5.  Easily all of them.  We danced 18 times and I could say that I experienced all of them every dance and at a high level of intensity.  Having all Selfseeds on high alert allowed the experience to be positive and satisfying.  My mind was still, my body was organized and fit, and my soul was included. Dancing (partnering) with someone supportive and enthusiastic is a significant part of the “success” equation.

With the move to India coming up, this may be my last ballroom dance competition, so my goal was to enjoy it, dance pure lead and follow (without choreography), and experience 20 years of training.  Max, the professional, and I have had this in mind since I started working with him 2 years ago.  We had a chance to squeeze in 4 lessons with our crazy schedules, (his competition schedule and my being away for 3 months), but it worked since I had kept up on fitness and the integrative band work while I was away. Actually, the 6 weeks of intense meditation had significantly improved my capacity for staying in the moment/receptive to small physical-energetic cues which is needed for dancing freestyle.  Max and I have agreed to dance when I get back from India this next time and see how the continued deepening affects my ability to follow.

“Be Awesomely okay with everything.”  Narayana Baba

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