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Next Generation of DVD’s


Hip Hop Abs

The DVD library is expanding. Just got the next generation of Hip Hop Abs–Rockin’Body. Part of the fun is experiencing the progression and seeing bits and pieces of the Inanity Program. Shaun T is the ringmaster and you see a lot of the same cast. They have cleverly created a fitness program out of the 7 workouts. If someone wanted to build up to the Insanity Program, this would be a good preparation for movement and endurance.

Having DVD’s at home is fantastic, because you can touch into the fitness aspect of your life as an integration. I may not be able to go to the gym everyday, but I can usually find 15, 30 minutes or an hour at home. No driving, set-up time, or changing room just slip in the DVD and go. I like the dance part, creativity with the body, and moving in ways most of us don’t move to make it fun.

I couldn’t resist the hard core series Tapout. It is marked extreme training! Sounds like fun!!!

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