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Running And Stride Length



Part of rehabilitation has included a corrective lesson on running properly.  Ok, so I like the feeling of the “frolicking/slow motion running across the beach” style, but it is not supportive of much distance.  Running so my stride length and arm swing are related (horse’s front and hind legs move in proper timing through the entire torso) , my body has only enough angle to stay centered over my feet (sitting on one’s seat bones while riding), the anterior and posterior part of my body are more equally engaged (the smaller joints like knees, ankles and toes are much softer in landing, so more work is absorbed in the larger joints and muscles), no tension in the shoulders, neck, and head (everything swings in self-carriage similar to our conscious objective of the horse’s body in riding), and the mind becomes meditative (the horse becomes trusting, quiet, and receptive while comfortably connected.)   I have tried to follow this path of development with the horses, so it is fun to have it developed in my own body.  Maybe a marathon will be on the life list after all.


(Contains short videos of my running retraining and continued rehabilitation exercises. Making progress!  Dave is an awesome PT! )

Stable march. Slow. Pelvic floor and TA contraction. 20x each side.


Daily Selfeed #18 Balance

Running and Daily Selfseed #18 Balance were not planned, but it is a very appropriate meeting of the two ideas. How Dave has me landing and moving through my feet are much like ballroom dancing and balanced riding.  My experience of long distance running has been painful, so I have opted for other ways of exercising. Very curious to follow this evolution.  Selfseeds Balance started as a physical aspect of knowing one’s body state and how to move with it.  Over time, balance has moved to an aspect of living and discovering inner peace.
Nice to find this short and to the point read on balance from my balance archives, 2011. Still holds true–timeless truth on posture.





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What is such a big deal about weight distribution?


Do you think weight distribution is important?

What is the big deal about weight distribution?  Everything!!!!!  How we move, alignment, posture, joint symmetry, etc. are the keys to structural health. WE ALL WEIGH SOMETHING, but what and how we move that living vehicle is the awareness piece inward and outward.   Instead of struggling with it, have fun, and embrace your presence as a living form.  How cool is having a body!!! It isn’t always glamourous, but it is an adventure!

Looking at saddle fit a lot lately.  How we sit in the saddle, the balance of the saddle, how it is wearing, and the muscle development of the horse’s back and shoulders all play a roll in how weight is distributed. Poor fitting equipment can lead to muscle damage, poor performance, and an unwilling partner.
A short read to inspire and motivate posture.
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Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band Inspiration Momen...

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band inspiration moment.  I have been using the “I” band while cycling almost daily, but I haven’t done any of my dance balance and symmetry exercises for a few months.  I am always looking at how to freshen or change up my fitness, range of motion, and flexibility routine, so the body stays awake.   I went through the familiar group and was appreciating what a simple and effective tune-up it was. The feedback from the band is remarkable.  It is like a tattler; the minute I lost focus or alignment, the tension changed and there was a slack in the contact.

Another part of the feedback was one of the pieces of aerobic equipment tends to creep to the right while I am using it, but after working with the band, the machine didn’t creep.  I can only attribute it to being more symmetrical so I wasn’t putting more force on my right push-pull action.  In five minutes there was  a big shift in my alignment created.  Over and over again how the small details can make such a difference.  Looking forward to sharing the Selfseeds Program when I get back to the US.

Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band

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