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What is such a big deal about weight distribution?


Do you think weight distribution is important?

What is the big deal about weight distribution?  Everything!!!!!  How we move, alignment, posture, joint symmetry, etc. are the keys to structural health. WE ALL WEIGH SOMETHING, but what and how we move that living vehicle is the awareness piece inward and outward.   Instead of struggling with it, have fun, and embrace your presence as a living form.  How cool is having a body!!! It isn’t always glamourous, but it is an adventure!

Looking at saddle fit a lot lately.  How we sit in the saddle, the balance of the saddle, how it is wearing, and the muscle development of the horse’s back and shoulders all play a roll in how weight is distributed. Poor fitting equipment can lead to muscle damage, poor performance, and an unwilling partner.
A short read to inspire and motivate posture.

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