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Soul Dance

  Man can never make the soul dance, but he can make himself a fit instrument for the expression of his soul.  HIK  

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Yogic Lifestyle

Does the yogic lifestyle require doing yoga?  No, but it can be enhanced by adding yoga postures. The original idea of the yogic lifestyle was living in alignment with body, mind, and soul.  The postures support these three aspects, but just doing yoga and forgetting about what the postures represent in one’s daily walk of…

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Daily Selfseed #3 Nature And Your Soul

 2:08 Daily Selfseed #3 Nature and your soul HD 11 May 2013 4:57 One of my favorite videos and a few quotes too. “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau “Horses aren’t my whole life, but…

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Daily Selfseed #2 80% of Fitness Is What You Eat!

  This statistic got my attention!  The personal trainer, Kim, who I am working with to develop my personal training skills shared this fact with me. Wow!  We hear that we are what we eat and drink, but it is easy to dismiss.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this idea and the more…

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Mother Nature

Well wishes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy/Frakenstorm and to a safe, expedient recovery! Most of the time, nature is a remarkable aspect of living whether it is sitting in it, walking in it, viewing it, or contacting its’ essence in some mode.  Even Mother Nature in her extreme mode is stunning and awesome in…

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Relief From The Restlessness

Direct your mind inward and allow it to contemplate its primary quality, which is simply knowing, being aware. This faculty of awareness-which is mindfulness in its pure state-illuminates all thoughts and all perceptions. It is a constant and fundamental quality of the flow of consciousness. You can experience it even in the absence of thoughts…

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