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Travel Challenge



The travel fitness challenge is once again in place. Walking and running will be the primary approach. Walking fast enough to create swinging arms, so the core is working. Running with enough technique to have the core and the arms working every step. Slipped in a couple of DVD’s, a few pages of notes from a fitness trainer, and select pages torn out of a fitness magazine for diversity.

Love the fitbit monitor! It goes on my clothing first thing in the morning.




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foot 1


Feet–foot strike, timing, action, horse’s feet, guru’s feet…  With the running, now my feet are front and center.   As a rider, I was always thinking about and feeling for the horse’s feet: rhythm, placement, length of stride, soundness, and so on.  As a dancer, I became aware of my feet as a matching and aligning point with my partners motion and what edge of my feet were contacting the ground. While studying in India, I became aware of the Guru’s feet, the respect and symbolism of the feet.  Now with running, I am having to examine my feet in a new way–foot strike.  Since I want to over stride by nature, landing on my heels going downhill is an apparent short coming  and great way to reactivate an old heel injury.  Now, I am working with a shorter stride, so I spread the impact over more of my foot surface.  My knees, hips, etc. are coming along without incident, but now I have a new opportunity to learn.  Below are a few articles to help guide you in your own efforts for foot strike.  As always, it is studying and discerning what makes sense for your individual needs.
  1. Footstrike 101: How Should Your Foot Hit The Ground? – Competitor…/footstrike-101-how-should-your-foot-hit-the…

    Dec 13, 2012 – But, he concedes, runners who are heel-striking are most likely, but not always, overstriding. “By moving the footstrike closer to the body, a lot of 

  2. How Different Foot Strikes Affect Different Body Parts – Runner’s World › … › Injury Prevention & Recovery

    Jun 10, 2013 – Runners with knee, Achilles injuries might be best candidates for switching.

  3. Facts on Foot Strike | Running Times – Runner’s World › Training › Running Tips

    May 17, 2012 – Does it matter if you run with a heel or forefoot strike?

  4. The Footstrike Debate –…zone/…/footstrike-debate-022812.aspx

    The Footstrike Debate. By Bobby McGee. runners Which is a better way for me torun, midfoot or heel striking? The answer is a definite and resounding, yes to 

  5. How to Find Your Mid-Foot | ACTIVE

    For the last few years, more and more runners and training professionals have been of running with a mid-foot landing, rather than the more common heel- strikeRunners today are taking back their mid-foot and reaping the bene?ts with 


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Rhythm of Running & Sitting


Outer and inner rhythm

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What Is On The Selfseeds’ Horizon?



Balloon Ride Anyone? Personalize 5

What is next on the Selfseeds’ horizon?

First of all, the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is cueing up.

Secondly, Karen and I have decided to move forward enthusiastically with the retreat development.  The opportunity to develop, share, and help facilitate an environment for the living cycle of “being-to-doing-to-being,” through the eyes of the self and the horse is inspiring both of us tremendously.  We are gratefully able to take all of our experiences and put them in a shared basket for others:  the template of Selfseeds, ground work, biomechanics, and potentially riding will be the format.

The retreat format can be challenging “to make the time,” but the need for emersion is often what supports understanding, transformation, and the use of new tools/awareness practices.  We are going to create a menu of options that allow for varied time allowances–hours to days.  My current time in India reminds me of the invaluable aspects of “diving in” to what it is that we want to explore. The process of making the space is often daunting, but I have never regretted the outcome. Is it the voice of the ego trying to keep a rein on the situation?

Over the years of taking personal retreats for better understanding myself, the path, the horse, techniques for better communication, and more, the reserved time allows for an environment with fewer outer distractions. There is a single-pointedness in the design that supports the experience as personal and unique. My time in India has different distractions than living in California, but the primary focus rises to the surface rather than being submerged by my history of day-to-day living.  The shift in environment often allows an opening to deepen inner awareness that can be more difficult to orchestrate or justify in a daily stillness practice. Ironically, the deepening often gives one more support for one’s daily practice, so it becomes a win-win situation.

More to follow as we create the technical side for support:  website, brochure, etc.

Plant a selfseed and watch your personal garden grow!


Morning run by Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

(short video below)

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Running Cadence



Couldn’t quite figure out how to get comfortable running at a slower pace, so I learned that I needed to quicken my pace to a particular footfall and the human movement system became efficient.  More reasons horses need to move in a particular way to allow proper core and supporting muscle development, so the risk of injury is reduced.  I was able to run 30 minutes without any stress from this new piece of information.  Maybe a marathon is in my future…  The form has a check mark now and the foot fall too.  Always remarkable what a knowledgeable, observant coach can do!  The use of a gym will drop away soon, so my intention is to add in a 30 min run (2-3 miles) 5-6 days a week as a fitness maintainer.  Recognizing rhythm supports steady footfall.


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Running And Stride Length



Part of rehabilitation has included a corrective lesson on running properly.  Ok, so I like the feeling of the “frolicking/slow motion running across the beach” style, but it is not supportive of much distance.  Running so my stride length and arm swing are related (horse’s front and hind legs move in proper timing through the entire torso) , my body has only enough angle to stay centered over my feet (sitting on one’s seat bones while riding), the anterior and posterior part of my body are more equally engaged (the smaller joints like knees, ankles and toes are much softer in landing, so more work is absorbed in the larger joints and muscles), no tension in the shoulders, neck, and head (everything swings in self-carriage similar to our conscious objective of the horse’s body in riding), and the mind becomes meditative (the horse becomes trusting, quiet, and receptive while comfortably connected.)   I have tried to follow this path of development with the horses, so it is fun to have it developed in my own body.  Maybe a marathon will be on the life list after all.


(Contains short videos of my running retraining and continued rehabilitation exercises. Making progress!  Dave is an awesome PT! )

Stable march. Slow. Pelvic floor and TA contraction. 20x each side.


Daily Selfeed #18 Balance

Running and Daily Selfseed #18 Balance were not planned, but it is a very appropriate meeting of the two ideas. How Dave has me landing and moving through my feet are much like ballroom dancing and balanced riding.  My experience of long distance running has been painful, so I have opted for other ways of exercising. Very curious to follow this evolution.  Selfseeds Balance started as a physical aspect of knowing one’s body state and how to move with it.  Over time, balance has moved to an aspect of living and discovering inner peace.
Nice to find this short and to the point read on balance from my balance archives, 2011. Still holds true–timeless truth on posture.





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