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Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program Emerging

Heather is a rockstar once again–she has pulled together Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program.  We are in the process of refining the details and then we need a few volunteer test people to work with the templates.  Please let me know if you would like to help in the “birthing” of this stage of the program. Twenty-first Century technology at work!!

I have been practicing videotaping a friend jumping her horse, so I am in the fire with the learning curve of videotaping, exporting it to the laptop (and a non-Apple laptop), storing the clips in a file, and cheerleading my friend to put them on Youtube. I will be sharing this adventure as well!  Videotaping with a tripod is HIGHLY recommended. By day three, I was starting to get the hang of following the horse, zooming in and out, and starting/stopping at appropriate places. More practice in order, but the eye-hand coordination was beginning. The camcorder I am using is a new one, so I just plugged it in and it created a conversation with the laptop.  We ended up using Quicktime to play them from the laptop.  My friend created a Youtube account and proceeded to load the clips.  I have had the best luck moving them to the desk top and then uploading them to Youtube. Even for the Daily Selfseed videos this process has worked the best.

Heather and I plan on creating support information and videos for this part of the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program development, but input where people are challenged will help us to help you.  One test person sent short clips from her iPad which worked great!

The current group of assessment videos–a preview of what is to come.  Not all of the assessments are required, but it will provide a library from which we can chose from to better design your personalized program.

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Daily Selfseed # 16: Can We Always Touch Inspiration?


How lovely, a bench to sit and be inspired by the surrounding beauty!

In some ways inspiration is a choice, because it is always present.  There is always light even in the darkness.  What we do with that free will and choice is personal.  It is inspiring for me to see these videos, reflect on the journey in creating the photo series, the beauty of the locations, and the opportunity to share.

Thank you!

My hope is to take the Corrective Exercises Test next week.  I am really enjoying the material and getting to make sense out of the human construction.  Amazing stuff!!!
Involvement in a recent car crash is giving me an opportunity to learn about corrective exercises from a personal level. My car was totaled, but I walked away from the accident.  Two cars hitting more or less head on at 45 mph creates quite a stress for the body.
I went to the gym for the first time (Day 7 post accident) to assess where I am before I see the doctor tomorrow.  An hour of light work on the cardio machines was a stretch.  I have gratitude for this, I am walking and improving every day.  The first day, I was doing what we called the gecko walk–very, very, slow movement.  The ER doctor gave me permission to walk, but nothing else until the first recheck. The fractured wings of two neck vertebrae need time to heal.  The body is going through a new theme daily.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where the stand in times of challenge and controversy.


Take 5 minutes and plant your personal garden!
Exciting!  Heather is creating the template for Selfseeds Virtual Riding Lessons!
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Sue’s Signature Selfseed

Thank you for the inspiration Janelle!!  This is going to be Sue’s Signature Selfseed.

8 July 2013 22:13

As the Selfseeds Community Garden begins to grow, I have been very deeply touched by the contributions. The story behind what is presented through a few verses, a photo, or a video can be amazing! It is inspiring to witness the tender new growth. Thank you Lynda, Heather, and Norma.

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Virtual Selfseeds

The new direction for Selfseeds is to create a virtual program. The decision is a very exciting one, so I won’t be bound to a set location.  In other words, I will have the freedom to plant Selfseeds as I travel and live in other countries. It is a brilliant solution as the next step, so I am starting to create a series of short videos that people can gather thoughts, ideas, exercises, information, and inspiration for 5 minute Selfseeds.  

Read More ...
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What Is Behind Willpower?

Trees–our stealth-like teachers

Many of us recognize that willpower can be a key component for achieving a desired result or pursuing a plan of action,  but what is the underlying support or motivation for willpower?

As a child, I was always one of those kids who kept my room clean, finished assignments early, and had competitive goals to lock onto.  My parents set rules and expectations, but they didn’t have to discipline me much.  Although, they did provide rewards for good behavior, so could I say the willpower was encouraged by material goods?  While moving through life, the benefits of high grades, good results, over achieving proved to be worth the effort with freedom and support greasing the wheels.  As I hit middle-age, I could understand the logic behind those principles and see the material payoffs, but somehow my soul was lost in the material rewards.  What next?  The path took a sharp turn with the past two years of soul searching, meditating, and contemplating–Who Am I?, What is the Earth Theater?, and Is there something beyond what we know?

Fortunately, the “innate” willpower from childhood has proven useful in this newer, more mystical path.  One of the big differences is I am looking for internal aspects of being rather than primarily external signposts.  The path is me and the abstraction known as Divinity. I have never been religious or belonged to a particular faith, but I have felt there is something way bigger and beyond this small singular unit called self.  I am learning and experiencing a new perspective while living a spiritual life in India.

Have I uncovered what is behind or underneath willpower or will? It appears to come with our birth package, but we also have this component called free will.  What we do with free will appears to be what helps us along the path in decision making, problem solving, “right action”, and a peaceful acceptance of the multitude of variables thrown our way while living.  Willpower doesn’t guarantee anything, but it gives us internal momentum to act, take a step, and problem solve.

A daily spiritual teaching from the Bowl of Saki shows up in my inbox.  Todays got me thinking and reflecting on all of the layers that willpower works.  Take a look and see what you think.

Will power is the keynote of mastery, and asceticism is the development of will power.                        Bowl of Saki, September 21, by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:The first exercise to help the will power to develop would be to check every act, word, and thought which we do not wish to occur; to avoid unintentional actions, speech, and thoughts. The other exercise that is necessary for the development of the will power is that of seeing that neither our mind nor our body rules us, but that we rule our body and our mind. Desires such as appetite, thirst, sleep, even the desire of moving or standing or walking, all these desires should be under control. There should be a time in every day when every desire of the body is checked. See if you can do it; and then as long as you can let the body go without listening to it, do so.


A person might ask, ‘Is, then, the secret of happiness in the way of the ascetics, in tormenting and torturing oneself as they have done for ages?’ Even that does not give happiness. It is only a distraction from the worldly pleasures which produce illusion. The ascetic shuts himself up in order to have an opportunity of taking another direction. … For even asceticism is not a happiness. It is only a means of self-discipline.


The nature of the mind is such that it creates a thought and throws it over for another thought to take its place. This being the nature of the mind, it makes it difficult for one to concentrate upon one object steadily. The mind of an average person may be pictured as an unruly horse that jumps and kicks and throws anyone that tries to ride it. Masters of the world are those who have mastered themselves, and mastery lies in the control of the mind. If the mind became your obedient servant, the whole world is at your service. The king of mind is greater than the king of a nation.

   ~~~ “Githa II, ‘Amaliyyat 1”, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (unpublished)

The fasting and abstinence and all these things were taught in order to develop the will power, which results in self-discipline and which is the secret of all mastery; and it is by this power that the kingdom within is attained.


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60 Days!!!! Insanity Program Completed

Cactus flowers

Intense, insane, challenging, rewarding, transformational, endurance, stamina, tenacity, and more.  No hesitation to recommend it to the hard core fitness enthusiasts.  I will do it again and will better understand how to keep on pushing to the next level.  My goals were to not get injured, stick with it, and learn from the new combinations of exercises.  Plyometrics is awesome for integration, coordination, and fitness.  It is really easy to get complacent in a routine.  The body and mind thrives on stimulation.

I continue to love the HipHopAbs Program.  As I better understood how to move in an undulating way, the effectiveness of the workouts grew, and the action taken by the appendages (arms and legs) enhanced the core work out at an increasing level.  I like how you keep moving from start to finish, so it inspires you to stay in the groove and “keep on grooven.”

Now I have three clear ways to navigate with fitness while I am in India:  the gym,  Insanity, and HipHopAbs–not forgetting walking everywhere.  The time is growing near again…

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Day 13 IP Two Week Test

Definite improvement with my numbers on the fitness test!  Familiarity with the movements is part of it, but all of the movement is helping with the integration.  6 more weeks to go.  A day off tomorrow.

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Day 3 IP

Super fun the creativity of the exercises.  He definitely keeps talking about the importance of the form which is great.  “Take a break if you cannot keep the form.”  Good, sound advice, but many people could ask, “What is the form?”,  “How do you achieve the form?”, and “Why is the form important?”  Are there videos out there that talk about the form and the instruction manual with it?  It could be fun to create a program just for that one aspect.  Practicing that all day would be an amazing living fitness program.  Who would be interested?  Also, a video with people of different shapes, sizes, injuries, levels of fitness etc. would be awesome, so it isn’t just the young and sleek on the videos.  I know this program is aimed for a different “insane” level, but it is fun to ponder the inspiring aspects that could be shared with the population at large–one of the fundamental inspirations of the Selfseeds program.

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Selfseeds Personalize 5 Camels (short video) www.Selfseeds.c...

13 hours ago

Selfseeds Personalize 5 Camels (short video)

Something personal and inspiring–spending time with camels

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