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Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program Emerging

Heather is a rockstar once again–she has pulled together Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program.  We are in the process of refining the details and then we need a few volunteer test people to work with the templates.  Please let me know if you would like to help in the “birthing” of this stage of the program.…

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Daily Selfseed # 16: Can We Always Touch Inspiration?

In some ways inspiration is a choice, because it is always present.  There is always light even in the darkness.  What we do with that free will and choice is personal.  It is inspiring for me to see these videos, reflect on the journey in creating the photo series, the beauty of the locations, and…

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Sue’s Signature Selfseed

Thank you for the inspiration Janelle!!  This is going to be Sue’s Signature Selfseed.  1:11 Daily Selfseed #73 Just Move It! 8 July 2013 22:13 As the Selfseeds Community Garden begins to grow, I have been very deeply touched by the contributions. The story behind what is presented through a few verses, a photo, or…

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Virtual Selfseeds

The new direction for Selfseeds is to create a virtual program. The decision is a very exciting one, so I won’t be bound to a set location.  In other words, I will have the freedom to plant Selfseeds as I travel and live in other countries. It is a brilliant solution as the next step,…

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What Is Behind Willpower?

Many of us recognize that willpower can be a key component for achieving a desired result or pursuing a plan of action,  but what is the underlying support or motivation for willpower? As a child, I was always one of those kids who kept my room clean, finished assignments early, and had competitive goals to…

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60 Days!!!! Insanity Program Completed

Intense, insane, challenging, rewarding, transformational, endurance, stamina, tenacity, and more.  No hesitation to recommend it to the hard core fitness enthusiasts.  I will do it again and will better understand how to keep on pushing to the next level.  My goals were to not get injured, stick with it, and learn from the new combinations…

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Day 13 IP Two Week Test

Definite improvement with my numbers on the fitness test!  Familiarity with the movements is part of it, but all of the movement is helping with the integration.  6 more weeks to go.  A day off tomorrow.

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Day 3 IP

Super fun the creativity of the exercises.  He definitely keeps talking about the importance of the form which is great.  “Take a break if you cannot keep the form.”  Good, sound advice, but many people could ask, “What is the form?”,  “How do you achieve the form?”, and “Why is the form important?”  Are there…

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All 15 Selfseeds Short Videos

Selfseeds Motivation Selfseeds Nutrition India Selfseeds Fitness Selfseeds Stillness Selfseeds Emotions Selfseeds Weight Distribution Selfseeds Balance Selfseeds Flexibility Selfseeds Rhythm Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band Selfseeds Partnering Selfseeds Personalize 5 Animal Connection Selfseeds Inspirational Walk India Selfseeds Inspirational Walk South Africa Selfseeds Inspirational Walk Pacific Coast

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