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Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program Emerging

Heather is a rockstar once again–she has pulled together Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program.  We are in the process of refining the details and then we need a few volunteer test people to work with the templates.  Please let me know if you would like to help in the “birthing” of this stage of the program. Twenty-first Century technology at work!!

I have been practicing videotaping a friend jumping her horse, so I am in the fire with the learning curve of videotaping, exporting it to the laptop (and a non-Apple laptop), storing the clips in a file, and cheerleading my friend to put them on Youtube. I will be sharing this adventure as well!  Videotaping with a tripod is HIGHLY recommended. By day three, I was starting to get the hang of following the horse, zooming in and out, and starting/stopping at appropriate places. More practice in order, but the eye-hand coordination was beginning. The camcorder I am using is a new one, so I just plugged it in and it created a conversation with the laptop.  We ended up using Quicktime to play them from the laptop.  My friend created a Youtube account and proceeded to load the clips.  I have had the best luck moving them to the desk top and then uploading them to Youtube. Even for the Daily Selfseed videos this process has worked the best.

Heather and I plan on creating support information and videos for this part of the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program development, but input where people are challenged will help us to help you.  One test person sent short clips from her iPad which worked great!

The current group of assessment videos–a preview of what is to come.  Not all of the assessments are required, but it will provide a library from which we can chose from to better design your personalized program.

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