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Tasting The Earth With My Feet: Walking

Fall walk in Hungary














Fall leaves

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Creative Partnering Exercise

Hiking with four-leggeds and two-leggeds!!!

Looking forward to the Selfseeds for the Equestrian Workshop at the Strang Ranch tomorrow!

Selfseeds Carbondale 2017


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Fitbit Tracker


I have wifi this trip to Jaipur, India, so I am having fun with my Fitbit tracker. Cool way to keep track of your daily motion.


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Walking, Walking, and More Walking


Walking, walking, and more walking in the local desert. The vastness, the solitude, the beauty, and the immersion on a body, mind, and soul level.



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Walking In San Francisco



Didn’t make it to the 1/2 marathon run in San Francisco, but it was fun to do the course by walking. Wonderful to walk in such a beautiful environment along the bay and across the bridge.


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Hills in Vila Franca do Xira, Portugal


Having the right shoes makes a huge difference while walking for hours. First time walking in high end walking/light hiking boots and my feet are thrilled with the level of support and balance. They feel a little bit heavy in comparison, but my feet are happy feet!


Old Bellac, France



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Travel Challenge



The travel fitness challenge is once again in place. Walking and running will be the primary approach. Walking fast enough to create swinging arms, so the core is working. Running with enough technique to have the core and the arms working every step. Slipped in a couple of DVD’s, a few pages of notes from a fitness trainer, and select pages torn out of a fitness magazine for diversity.

Love the fitbit monitor! It goes on my clothing first thing in the morning.




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What Is On The Selfseeds’ Horizon?



Balloon Ride Anyone? Personalize 5

What is next on the Selfseeds’ horizon?

First of all, the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is cueing up.

Secondly, Karen and I have decided to move forward enthusiastically with the retreat development.  The opportunity to develop, share, and help facilitate an environment for the living cycle of “being-to-doing-to-being,” through the eyes of the self and the horse is inspiring both of us tremendously.  We are gratefully able to take all of our experiences and put them in a shared basket for others:  the template of Selfseeds, ground work, biomechanics, and potentially riding will be the format.

The retreat format can be challenging “to make the time,” but the need for emersion is often what supports understanding, transformation, and the use of new tools/awareness practices.  We are going to create a menu of options that allow for varied time allowances–hours to days.  My current time in India reminds me of the invaluable aspects of “diving in” to what it is that we want to explore. The process of making the space is often daunting, but I have never regretted the outcome. Is it the voice of the ego trying to keep a rein on the situation?

Over the years of taking personal retreats for better understanding myself, the path, the horse, techniques for better communication, and more, the reserved time allows for an environment with fewer outer distractions. There is a single-pointedness in the design that supports the experience as personal and unique. My time in India has different distractions than living in California, but the primary focus rises to the surface rather than being submerged by my history of day-to-day living.  The shift in environment often allows an opening to deepen inner awareness that can be more difficult to orchestrate or justify in a daily stillness practice. Ironically, the deepening often gives one more support for one’s daily practice, so it becomes a win-win situation.

More to follow as we create the technical side for support:  website, brochure, etc.

Plant a selfseed and watch your personal garden grow!


Morning run by Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

(short video below)

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Check Mark!


Walking on the beach with the jellyfish

Headed back to the physical therapist for a final session.  Check mark for recovery, but I do have to keep up with the exercises and movement or the body starts to tighten up.  Very fortunate that it is all very manageable.  The lesson of traveling and finding a way to keep “walking the talk” was invaluable for pointing out the deliberateness of taking care of one’s self. Part of the challenge is being your own cheerleader and realizing the importance of wellness for freedom in one’s day-to-day life. Youth is often forgiving, but aging not so much.

Timely article with all of the holiday responsibilities.

When Dieting and Exercise Hurt You

8 healthy habits that start with good intentions--but can end in disaster

8 healthy habits that start with good intentions–but can end in disaster

Mistakes that set you back
It’s hard not to get excited when you finally make the decision to get in shape. And who wouldn’t be tempted to speed things up with an extra workout here, eliminating certain foods there? Understandable, sure, but definitely not wise: Overdoing exercise, especially after a hiatus, can cause serious injuries, and drastically cutting calories can make you irritable, forgetful, and may even age you.

Here’s why too much of a good thing can be a bad thing–and how to strike a healthy balance to still get the results you want.

Mistake: You drastically cut fat, carbs, or calories 
Why it’s bad:
 Your skin, hair, and nails will suffer–and so will your mood.
When you cut calories, you deprive yourself of certain nutrients that promote healthy cell division, cell regeneration, and overall skin tone and texture, explains David E. Bank, MD, FAAD, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Mount Kisco, NY. “The skin also requires essential fatty acids–which the body can’t produce on its own–to maintain hydration. A diet that’s too low in fat could cause dry skin, hair loss, and brittle nails.”

Other key youth-boosting nutrients include vitamins A, C, and E. Being deficient in A, for example, can cause acne, dry hair and skin, hyperkeratosis (thickening and roughness of skin), and broken fingernails. A lack of vitamin C can affect collagen synthesis (the “glue” that binds our ligaments, bones, blood vessels, and skin), and low levels of vitamin E can cause chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to flare up. (Check out exactly what to eat for clear, glowing skin.)

Fat is also an essential building block for brain cell membranes, explains Susan M. Kleiner, PhD, RD, author of The Good Mood Diet. Different types of fats play different roles in the brain, but DHA, which we get primarily from fish oil in our diets, is linked to cognitive function, memory, and mood. If your diet contains less than 25% total fat, everyday coping skills may diminish, and you may feel increased anxiety, frustration, and stress.

Mistake: You go the extra extra mile 
Why it’s bad:
 You could end up with chronic foot pain.
If you’ve ever felt a stabbing pain in the arch of your foot after working out, you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This painful foot injury occurs if you put excessive strain on the underside of the foot, explains Ryan Halvorson, a personal trainer from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. It can strike runners and walkers alike when the muscles of the foot are overused due to repetitive motion. The arch support becomes strained, small tears develop, and the tissue stiffens as a protective response. Plantar fasciitis is especially common in women who often wear high heels. Halvorson recommends wearing lower-heeled shoes and–when you just can’t skip the high heels-purchasing good orthotic inserts with sturdy arch support. (It also helps to wear the right sneakers; check out our 2013 Sneaker Guide and find the best ones for you!)

Mistake: You’re a slave to one type of workout 
Why it’s bad:
 Your knees may suffer.
Any body part is at risk when you overtrain, but knees are especially injury-prone, says Halvorson. Knees can cave in toward the center of the body, especially when running, and put pressure on the knee joints. Using orthotics in shoes can help prevent your arches from collapsing and putting additional load on the knees.

“It’s very important to vary workouts and cross-train,” says Halvorson. If all you do is run (and run and run), over time, soft and hard tissue structures start to break down faster from all the repetitive strain. (If you’re not strength-training, find out the 9 Reasons Every Woman Needs To Lift Weights–then head to the dumbbells!)

Mistake: You pick up where you left off after a break 
Why it’s bad:
 Your back may rebel.
Even if you killed it in Zumba 3 months ago, don’t assume you can jump back in if you’ve taken a significant hiatus. Why? Chances are that during your break, your core strength was reduced, and a weaker core-paired with sitting down for extended periods of time–is the typical cause of back pain, says Halvorson. Your deep abdominal tissue ends up not being strong enough to support the spine, and the hips and butt muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the pelvis in a neutral position.

Halvorson suggests easing back into things by strengthening and developing your core muscles and glutes. Try bridge moves and plank exercises to work your back and core, and move around as much as possible throughout the day to prevent back pain.

 You don’t properly fuel your workout 
Why it’s bad:
 You’ll tax your immune system.
When it comes to your health, think of your body as a computer: Many systems run simultaneously, and your brain prioritizes them according to importance. “The immune system is secondary to heart functioning, so if you’re not eating enough, your natural immunity is at a lower ebb,” says Dr. Kleiner.

Plus, a Georgia State University study found that when you don’t eat enough calories, your metabolism actually slows down and you burn fewer calories. Take the guesswork out of proper fueling with these 20 Perfect Workout Snacks.

Mistake: You don’t let your body rest 
Why it’s bad:
 You’ll lower your sleep quality.
If you can barely keep your eyes open all day but toss and turn at night, it could be a sign of overexhaustion, says Halvorson. Other clues that you’re working out too much include extreme muscle soreness that persists for several days, unintended weight loss, an increased resting heart rate, interruptions in your menstrual cycle, or decreased appetite.

“Plan your rest as well as you plan exercise,” says Polly de Mille, RN, a registered clinical exercise physiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. Rest is a critical component of exercise, because it’s when rebuilding takes place, she says. “If there’s no balance between breakdown and recovery, then the muscle is in a state of chronic inflammation–and what may start as a simple case of soreness can turn into an actual overuse injury.”

 You’re trying to lose 5 pounds–again 
Why it’s bad:
 You’ll overeat when stress hits.
Yo-yo dieting can cause binge eating, especially on high-fat foods, according to recent research published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Study author Tracy L. Bale, PhD, associate professor of neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, used mice to examine how stress systems were affected after dieting. The results? Repetitive dieting was shown to cause long-term changes in DNA that can make you more sensitive to stress.

Dr. Bale says her findings support the need to find healthy ways to reduce stress–like doing yoga and meditating–and the importance of stopping the deprivation-binge cycle.

Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Soothe yourself with these 2-Minute Stress Solutions.

Mistake: You go on an extreme short-term diet 
Why it’s bad:
 You’ll gain weight when you stop (and be really miserable in the meantime).
If you ever tried a fad diet (e.g., the 2-week cabbage soup diet), you probably know that the weight always comes back. A 2007 study in American Psychologist reviewed the results of several long-term studies on subjects who followed various low-calorie plans and found that the potential benefits are too small–and the potential harms too large–for dieting to be recommended as a safe and effective treatment for obesity. Several other studies show that most dieters often gain back more weight than they’ve lost.

So what can you do? Lose the fads and make lasting, healthier changes. See Eat Like This, Never Diet Again for easy, lifelong strategies.

By The Editors of Prevention


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Daily Selfseed # 16: Can We Always Touch Inspiration?


How lovely, a bench to sit and be inspired by the surrounding beauty!

In some ways inspiration is a choice, because it is always present.  There is always light even in the darkness.  What we do with that free will and choice is personal.  It is inspiring for me to see these videos, reflect on the journey in creating the photo series, the beauty of the locations, and the opportunity to share.

Thank you!

My hope is to take the Corrective Exercises Test next week.  I am really enjoying the material and getting to make sense out of the human construction.  Amazing stuff!!!
Involvement in a recent car crash is giving me an opportunity to learn about corrective exercises from a personal level. My car was totaled, but I walked away from the accident.  Two cars hitting more or less head on at 45 mph creates quite a stress for the body.
I went to the gym for the first time (Day 7 post accident) to assess where I am before I see the doctor tomorrow.  An hour of light work on the cardio machines was a stretch.  I have gratitude for this, I am walking and improving every day.  The first day, I was doing what we called the gecko walk–very, very, slow movement.  The ER doctor gave me permission to walk, but nothing else until the first recheck. The fractured wings of two neck vertebrae need time to heal.  The body is going through a new theme daily.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where the stand in times of challenge and controversy.


Take 5 minutes and plant your personal garden!
Exciting!  Heather is creating the template for Selfseeds Virtual Riding Lessons!
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