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Planting Selfseeds In Indio, California



Super fun to share Selfseeds with riders and friends in Indio, California. Enthusiastic and inquisitive group!



Tahquitz Equestrian Facility presents
Selfseeds Awareness Clinic
with Sue Eoff
Sunday January 10th at 1pm
WHAT: As aspiring, well intentioned riders we always need to look at our part of the horse and rider partnership. How can we become more sensitive, have better timing and coordination, as well as a developed sense of the horse? Selfseeds was originally created to help riders better understand their strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive wellness/awareness practice. It has continued to develop and grow into an awareness opportunity for all two-leggeds. Selfseeds includes eleven selfseeds practices (stillness, emotions, weight distribution, fitness, etc.) that are based on five minute practices. A person can plant a few selfseeds regularly or all eleven as part of a personal garden to nurture, support, and grow. The interactive exploration of Selfseeds starts on the ground, so bring something to sit on, comfortable clothes, and an open mind. for more information.
WHEN: Sunday 1pm at Tahquitz
WHERE: Tahquitz Equestrian Facility (we will convene somewhere dry and flat. Bring a towel or blanket to sit on.)
WHO: YOU! Anyone and everyone all levels, any discipline. Spread the word! This is for riders and non riders alike. No horse needed.
THANKS: This clinic is being put on at no charge courtesy of Sue Eoff. We welcome her to Tahquitz as a new addition to our team. Sue’s passion is classical dressage. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, an innate passion for the horse our partner, and the skills to teach, ride, and train horses and riders of all disciplines and levels. You can read more about Sue at We hope you will come join us this Sunday!
QUESTIONS/CONTACT: Please contact Laurie Cunningham if you have and questions or 760-250-8418


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Equine Awareness and Mindfulness Pilot Retreat Bozeman, MT

Karen has brought it all to life by renting a beautiful space for the horseless gathering, organizing a horse facility for the horse part, and rounding up a wonderful group of participants.  Thank you Karen for all of your thoughtful diligence for this to become a live event!!!  I have the easy part, just getting on the airplane and showing up!

I was sitting with Selfseeds at the gym last night and reflecting on the journey and what growth it has brought to my life. Looking forward to sharing! On one of my stops to MT, I was talking with Liz (a very gifted healer) who helped me “birth” Selfseeds while working on my horses in Southern California. We have shared a very deep connection in the horse/spirit world and she has watched my transformational growth from India.  What a “coincidence” that she will be in Bozeman for the winter–bonus to have Liz and Karen in one place at the same time!

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Selfseeds Seminar Southern California Sterling Farms (short ...

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Selfseeds in Jaipur, India


Hotel Clark Amer, Jaipur India

Many of the Selfseeds Participants

What a privilege to share and experience Selfseeds with a group of enthusiastic, holistic lifestyle seekers in Jaipur, India.  Presenting Selfseeds and hearing the feedback reminds me of just how much we share globally as individuals trying to implement a healthy, personally relevant lifestyle.  Many of the participants practice yoga and meditation regularly, (it was evident by their elegant sitting postures), but we discovered that implementing the practice into one’s practical life is a step often overlooked.  Nutrition is a challenge with delicious high calorie foods readily available, so we touched into the discipline of amounts and types of food.  Fitness is a growing and relevant development in the culture whether it is going for walks, joining a gym, or exercising at home.  The rhythm and partnering selfeeds got everyone moving and inspired as a fun way to experience exercise/movement.  What a blast and I loved how members of the group asked questions and shared their experiences, so we could learn from one another.

A big, big thank you to Timmie Kumar who extended the offer to host the  Selfseeds workshop in her families fabulous hotel, Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur   What a beautiful venue and so generous to offer a reception afterwards to meet many of the participants.

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