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Acceptance while waiting for owner to pray at the temple.

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More acceptance…

Daily stumbling on how to proceed with a friendship that has changed directions during the past year. I have exhausted my list and thought I would ask Gurudev for ideas on what I am overlooking.

Three paths of relationships:

1. Merging
2. Diverging
3. Parallel

When in doubt stay parallel which translates to acceptance. Of course this means examining the ego for signs of merging or diverging unconsciously. Parallel is not easy, but it feels like a lovely approach for the spiritual heart. Until one knows eternal truth, one is subject to examining the ego and doing the best one can from one’s particular point on the path. Pranam for the simple wisdom.

Ballroom dancing was a 20 year study of parallelness in motion. No pulling or pushing was the objective while two people with a shared center moved across the floor with varied tempos and movement patterns. The difference being both people were working towards the same end point. Parallel as a state of being is a new dance step to observe and work with.

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And more acceptance…

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Not everyone would accept someone stepping up one’s head like a staircase.


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