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Growing A Garden Has So Many Metaphorical Options




Wonderful excerpt from a must read article/podcast.

Alison Gopnik– The Evolutionary Power of Children and Teenagers


“I think gardening is a very nice metaphor for — if you’re trying to do this project, which I would like to do, of really taking caring seriously from a scientific perspective and a philosophical perspective, trying to find good ways of talking about it that make it be other than just another kind of work, I think the gardening is a really nice example of that, because part of what happens when you garden is that you provide this space for other creatures — in this case, plants — to grow, to thrive, to succeed. But you don’t know beforehand exactly how that’s gonna take place. And in fact, it’s an empirical fact that the best way to have a garden is to have an ecosystem where unexpected, variable things will happen that you don’t know about and you can’t predict beforehand. And that kind of system is much better — to get back to climate change — is much better to adjusting to change, to variability …”


Alison Gopnik — The Evolutionary Power of Children and Teenagers



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