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How Timely

In between studying (one more week I hope!), I have been planting Selfseeds into people’s lives.  The five minute increments are practical and magical to help us navigate through the human obstacle course called life.  I was reminded of the “human speed bump” where we get stuck, lose momentum and effectiveness for action.  Success in…

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Meditation In Motion

Even though I am sitting more in my current meditation practice, I find that walking, spinning on the bike, or jogging on the treadmill are useful states for meditation in motion–moving but in a non stressful way.  Somehow, it almost gives the body and mind enough of a job/purpose that it opens up the ability…

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An Inquiry Into Disturbances

The soul searching process in India has led me to looking more deeply into disturbances.  What are they?  Are they personal? Do they need to exist?  Are they part of the architecture of the Earth’s lesson plan?  Are they what motivates us to eventually look inward?  What happens if one ignores them? Do they go…

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