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Next Generation of DVD’s


Hip Hop Abs

The DVD library is expanding. Just got the next generation of Hip Hop Abs–Rockin’Body. Part of the fun is experiencing the progression and seeing bits and pieces of the Inanity Program. Shaun T is the ringmaster and you see a lot of the same cast. They have cleverly created a fitness program out of the 7 workouts. If someone wanted to build up to the Insanity Program, this would be a good preparation for movement and endurance.

Having DVD’s at home is fantastic, because you can touch into the fitness aspect of your life as an integration. I may not be able to go to the gym everyday, but I can usually find 15, 30 minutes or an hour at home. No driving, set-up time, or changing room just slip in the DVD and go. I like the dance part, creativity with the body, and moving in ways most of us don’t move to make it fun.

I couldn’t resist the hard core series Tapout. It is marked extreme training! Sounds like fun!!!

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60 Days!!!! Insanity Program Completed

Cactus flowers

Intense, insane, challenging, rewarding, transformational, endurance, stamina, tenacity, and more.  No hesitation to recommend it to the hard core fitness enthusiasts.  I will do it again and will better understand how to keep on pushing to the next level.  My goals were to not get injured, stick with it, and learn from the new combinations of exercises.  Plyometrics is awesome for integration, coordination, and fitness.  It is really easy to get complacent in a routine.  The body and mind thrives on stimulation.

I continue to love the HipHopAbs Program.  As I better understood how to move in an undulating way, the effectiveness of the workouts grew, and the action taken by the appendages (arms and legs) enhanced the core work out at an increasing level.  I like how you keep moving from start to finish, so it inspires you to stay in the groove and “keep on grooven.”

Now I have three clear ways to navigate with fitness while I am in India:  the gym,  Insanity, and HipHopAbs–not forgetting walking everywhere.  The time is growing near again…

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Closing In On The End Of The Insanity Program

There is no doubt that my stamina and endurance has improved.  The program circles through the workouts, so you get a chance to revisit some of your “favorites.”  I can now keep going through the interval sets even if it is steady instead of fast.  In the beginning, there were some exercises that I needed to take rest breaks while moving through a sequence.  Both Ellen and Michelle Obama would beat me on a pushup contest, but I have gotten better.

The evolution of Hip Hop Abs has been an ability for greater rhythm and integration while performing any given exercise–a much better use of the core in motion.   The different dance movements really challenge my appendage cross-coordination.  The constant moving and adding new details keeps generating aliveness and focus.

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Month #2 Insanity Program

One Exercise Is The Log Jump

Now I can see that this program is for the insane oriented.  Month #2 is very different than month #1.  Everything appears to have become more challenging, (doubled workout time), more twisted (new body challenges), and more intense.  But being the twisted-insane human being that I am–I love it.  Personally, I am approaching the program as an endurance training and not going for the killer intensity.  When the demonstrators are falling on the floor like flies after giving it their all, I am still going with a slower, steadiness.   The new moves and challenges are very cool–my first reaction was “Really!”

The mistake I made was bumping up the Insanity Program and the Hip Hop Abs program on the same day.  Needless to say, going to the gym for a second workout was taken off the list.  I am finding that doing the Hip Hop Abs Program after the Insanity Program is a good stretching/cool down that helps stretching in motion instead of the more typical tightening up after a tough workout.

The core improvement and greater coordination/balance/rhythm from the two is definitely showing up in my work at the gym.  The work with cables and balance balls is less forgiving, so I am getting good feedback from the work at home.

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Finishing Up The First Month Of The Insanity Program

The program lets you repeat many of the “sessions” and as the weeks go by, they do become easier and so you can push yourself harder.  The week coming up is sort of a breather week and then moving on to the next layer of intensity.  I tried it out in my room in Northern California using my laptop, since I will be heading back to India in 2 months.  Wow, this is going to be perfect.  I can see the brilliance of the DVD’s for travel too, so you could play them in your hotel room.

Hip Hop Abs rocks since it combines rhythm into the mix–a higher level of integration to just doing stand alone exercises.  The way Shaun T has us engage our midsection/torso is like a “body crunch” every step–creative and fun.

Starting to add intensity to my cycling time with standing, hovering, and sitting.  Also, continuing with creating ball and cable exercises on the fixed equipment.  I like how the ball always promotes inner awareness and the cable requires attention to detail on the engaging and releasing–there is no point of just collapsing/dropping the engagement  point.

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