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Got My Stopwatch Out

  My teacher has given me a two part, (5 minutes each part),  homework assignment to do several times a day for my mediation practice. I got my stopwatch out, so I could really get a feel for what 5 minutes is in this scenario.  I highly recommend it!  My perception alone was very inaccurate.…

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Daily Selfseed #6 Touching Inner Stillness

Can you have inner stillness without having outer stillness?  My experience is yes. Is it easier to find inner stillness in a quiet, safe environment?  Most likely in the beginning, but since it is an inner state, one can grow to experience it in all situations.  1:51 Daily Selfseed #6 Touching Inner Stillness HD Wonderful article…

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Detailed Video Production and CES

Having fun with the video production.  There is so much to share with 11 Selfseeds available. Lining up the people to interview, continuing to amass articles, and the information from the next leg of the personal training program, CES Corrective Exercises.  

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