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Wellness Checks














Heath check, blood work, or specifics are important on a regular basis–preventative care.

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Holiday Greetings From Selfseeds!

Greetings for the Holiday Season!  Cheerleading for your potential growth and wellness in 2014!

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Amber Fort, Jaipur, India


Settled into a routine in Jaipur, India and I look forward to sharing what I am learning about stillness and living abroad.  Knowing how busy most people are with juggling all the requirements of living, don’t forget that just taking 5 minutes for yourself can make a difference.  Looking at a beautiful photograph, listening to a song, sitting for a few moments to collect one’s self are all Selfseed Moments for planting part of your sacred garden.  As I continue to walk and deepen into this interior path, we only have the self. Nurturing and caring for the self allows for not only your own wellness, but to be more available to stand in the winds of life change and support others in their walk.


(short video below)

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Detailed Video Production and CES

Having fun with the video production.  There is so much to share with 11 Selfseeds available. Lining up the people to interview, continuing to amass articles, and the information from the next leg of the personal training program, CES Corrective Exercises.  

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How Timely


In between studying (one more week I hope!), I have been planting Selfseeds into people’s lives.  The five minute increments are practical and magical to help us navigate through the human obstacle course called life.  I was reminded of the “human speed bump” where we get stuck, lose momentum and effectiveness for action.  Success in increments helps us to breath, find motivation, and take action.  “Take 5 Minutes. Plant a Selfseeds.”

Wonderful article and interview by the Huffington Post regarding the future of how America deals with stress.  Selfseeds is very timely and right on track with the growing awareness/action towards healthful living.


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Health: learning about the importance of it!!

As I talk with friends, family, and new contacts,  I am constantly amazed by people’s inner strength and will to find their way to the other side of health issues.  As a person who has had the good fortune to live in a predominantly healthy form,  I was interested in how people would approach their health issues if they knew that they were going to be lasting or severe.  In other words, what could I learn as a “heads up” to problem solving health signs, but not be paranoid.  The first step appears to be knowing yourself and knowing what is your personal status.  Stay in touch with the health field for baseline health checks. The next step appears to be observing and noting differences, what may have caused them, are things progressing, have there been earlier signs that were unnoticed etc.  One of my original motivators for Selfseeds was how to keep moving forward with personal goals while finding a balance in reality.  My body was often my strength and my weakness.  It has allowed me to experience remarkable elements of feel, fluidity, strength, and flexibility, but it has also been the absolute no in the equation of life.  Blacking out in moments of fatigue were nonnegotiable points yelling, “What are you doing!.”  When going in for health checks, sleep deprivation ranks right up there with smoking, excess weight, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise etc. , but it doesn’t look as bad from the outside.

The changes I was forced to look at led me to a deeper examination of stillness.  I am on my way to Jaipur, India for an indefinite period of time to become a student of this inner process.  A six week stay in April/May wetted my appetite for more.

Please share your processes and observations with your efforts to stay healthy or work with a health challenge.

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Finalizing the Selfseeds brochure and business cards

Adding the Selfseeds icons and rewriting some of the text on the Selfseeds website inspired Heather (web and graphics designer extraordinaire) and I to redo the Selfseeds brochure and business cards, before I leave for India.  We decided to take photos at the gym with me recreating various aspects of  Selfseeds: weight distribution, balance, and the integrative band.  Seeing the photos felt like another final exam: fitness- how I got there/maintained it, balance-constantly challenging the body with new combinations, weight distribution-regular checking on the internal symmetry, integrative band-amazing for connecting all of the work and applying it in motion, and flexibility-the key ingredient for dynamic, adjustable body function.

Once I settle back into Jaipur, dancing, riding, and working out are not coming to a close, but they won’t be my hyper-diligence and inspired truth seeking that have consumed my attention for over 20 years.  The stillness selfseed will become the focal point in India.  Although,  I have found a nearby gym, plan to study yoga, have been asked to train horses/trainers, and looking into two styles of traditional Indian dancing.  I love all of the Selfseeds and I look forward to how they will be redesigned in my daily living.

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The life behind the Selfseeds development

As you familiarize yourself with Selfseeds by looking at the website:     You will see that I work with horses, ballroom dance, go to the gym, travel, pursue a spiritual practice etc.   I have been learning how to make iMovies, so I put together a collage from the past year.

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WaltzingHorses has shared a video with you on YouTube:

iMovie collage from 2011: dancing, riding, and more



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