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Creativity While In Motion





Half way point…

Nothing like climbing the stairs of a fortress wall to get your heart pumping.  Running up to the fortress was less cardio than actually climbing the wall.  Balance was underlined as well.  Falling off the wall would not be pretty, so I needed to be aware of everything that involved not tripping, lurching, or losing balance. A couple of times I needed to do a little self talk when my mind wanted to scream, “What were you thinking!”   The best part of the exercise was the creativity while in motion.  I wasn’t just exercising, but it had a functional, integrative, real life survival flair to it.  Nice to take the actual conditioning and training and apply it in a real life situation.


Amazing View


Headed back


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Functional Tone


What do you want to get out of your fitness program?  For some it is strength, balance, flexibility, weight loss, and more.  For me personally as a baseline, I would like a high level of functional fitness, so I can move about my day with freedom and without pain.  My target is functional tone, aerobic capacity, and a healthy range of motion in my joints.  It doesn’t sound so glamorous, but it takes creating a plan, consistency, attention to dynamic posture, and integrating the strength and stretching with day-to-day movement.  Awareness and sensing into the body are key!!

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