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Pacing The Day

Happy 2017 as the New Year!

Experimenting with when to exercise, when to meditate, when to stretch, and so on. Meditating before exercising is working well. In India, I was exercising before sitting, because I would sit for longer periods of time. Exercising before or after work is okay. Exercising before and after work is a bonus. Hydration is very important. Eating regularly keeps me fueled for a long day of activity. Partnering is included in my normal day of work. Awareness of weight distribution is a must for staying centered on the horses. Selfseeds are easily a daily practice.

The journal is getting printed this week!

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Holiday Greetings From Selfseeds!

Greetings for the Holiday Season!  Cheerleading for your potential growth and wellness in 2014!

IMG_3097 2 sepia

Amber Fort, Jaipur, India


Settled into a routine in Jaipur, India and I look forward to sharing what I am learning about stillness and living abroad.  Knowing how busy most people are with juggling all the requirements of living, don’t forget that just taking 5 minutes for yourself can make a difference.  Looking at a beautiful photograph, listening to a song, sitting for a few moments to collect one’s self are all Selfseed Moments for planting part of your sacred garden.  As I continue to walk and deepen into this interior path, we only have the self. Nurturing and caring for the self allows for not only your own wellness, but to be more available to stand in the winds of life change and support others in their walk.


(short video below)

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