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Breathing As A Practice

  Thank you Joel!! Awesome to share the path of life and the planting of a selfseed! Great contribution to the village who will help grow the Selfseeds Garden. ###### breathing as a practice ###### The basic premise of breathing practices the world over is the relationship between the activity of the breath and the…

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Yogic Lifestyle

Does the yogic lifestyle require doing yoga?  No, but it can be enhanced by adding yoga postures. The original idea of the yogic lifestyle was living in alignment with body, mind, and soul.  The postures support these three aspects, but just doing yoga and forgetting about what the postures represent in one’s daily walk of…

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Meditation In Motion

Even though I am sitting more in my current meditation practice, I find that walking, spinning on the bike, or jogging on the treadmill are useful states for meditation in motion–moving but in a non stressful way.  Somehow, it almost gives the body and mind enough of a job/purpose that it opens up the ability…

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Inspiring World Peace Through Meditation And Yoga


What would it be like to exist in a world without wars, violence, and hatred?  Even if you are not directly touched by one of these conditions on the planet, you are indirectly affected.  The world is now a giant, global net, so internet, television, magazines and more keep us in the loop.  Periodically, there…

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12 Styles of Yoga

I had no idea that there were so many styles of yoga.  Constant learning and awareness for what options we have on the path.  Yoga might not be your interest at all, but if it is, you might check out other styles to see if they inspire and aline more comprehensibly with your life process.…

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