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Corrective Exercise Training Seminar

NASM photo

Just finished a day of practical training with a NASM master trainer and the Corrective Exercise Training Seminar.  I so love learning the details and how it all fits together!!  Now the steps for correction are clear. Assessments are very important for learning the bodies strategy for movement, balance, fitness, coordination, etc–all the components of the human movement system (HMS.)

Strategy: identify (assessments), solve, and implement.

Plan for solving: inhibit, lengthen, activate, and integrate.

Plan for implementing:  Optimum Performance Training (OPT)–stability, strength, and power.

In many ways, I have learned and lived a version of this outline while rehabilitating horses, changing balance, strengthening new muscles after body work or injury, developing throughness, increasing fitness, improving alignment, and so on. It feels very familiar while examining the two-leggeds now.

The next step is to develop a mental and physical catalogue of exercises (no different than dressage figures), for humans.  I have to thank Selfseeds for this inspired personal growth and new direction.

Working with my first virtual riding student and I am pleased with how the assessment tests are providing more information on the rider than I would usually generate, the years of evaluating sale horse videos has developed my eye for watching riders/horses on video, and the past two years of blogging/twenty years of teaching to articulate the observations.  The emphasis on timing, balance, and harmony is very doable over the internet. Excited for this ability to communicate and share with modern technology!

The template page for signing up is in the works!

What do Selfseeds and Yaks have in common?

We both need to “Just Move It!” Enjoy your day and just move it somehow!…



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Virtual Selfseeds

The new direction for Selfseeds is to create a virtual program. The decision is a very exciting one, so I won’t be bound to a set location.  In other words, I will have the freedom to plant Selfseeds as I travel and live in other countries. It is a brilliant solution as the next step, so I am starting to create a series of short videos that people can gather thoughts, ideas, exercises, information, and inspiration for 5 minute Selfseeds.  

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