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Beauty and Movement


Walking in Hungary

Making it a habit to find some way to exercise everyday has been very important for my balance, fitness, digestion, and mental well being.


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Eating Fun


Staying for extended periods of time in foreign countries gives me a chance to explore different diets. I am learning very quickly that what tastes good in the mouth doesn’t always make the rest of the body happy. Learning to listen to the after effects of eating has become very important.


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When I look at the list of Selfseeds and compare my contact with them on a regular schedule vs. a traveling schedule, compromise is the key word. Not a permanent state, but a temporary state. Maybe even diving deeper into the one’s I can stay in contact with. Nice to be aware of the complete garden of seeds even if I cannot tend to all of them. Creativity is another part of compromise–Selfseed Personalize 5.


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Safety While On The Run



Amber Fort, India

Stubbornness and a joy of exercising have created a must look at the safety factor of running, walking, working out at the gym in foreign places. What is the point of exercising if you are hurt or violated in some way that completely unhinges your wellness physically or mentally, but what is the balance?  As a warrior type, I probably dip too far into the risk taking mode, so living in India on or off for the past three years has brought a reality check into the vulnerability of women–period.  As a white woman walking, there is an underline, since I am visible, a novelty, and come with all of the western connotations of “loose women,” because of what is often depicted on television shows.

I tried the gym, but it was sort of like adding a bloody carcass to a shark feeding area and saying, “Don’t touch.” No matter what boundary, amount of disinterested focus, attitude or whatever technique I drew upon for the day, the sharks kept coming and the mental work out became a bigger price than the benefits of the physical workout.  Plan B, exercise outside the gym or in my room.  Playing workout DVD’s is good and there are a lot of choices, but I hunger for the outer world too. Plan C, the strategy has been to start the work out early, before “the world” is too alive, but late enough that there is light arising.  Having lived and traveled internationally a fair amount, there is a window of opportunity for walking, running, etc. that intuitively feels safe as a woman, but as a woman there is never an absolute.  Yes, the extra radar awareness needs to be turned on when moving through areas that are unfamiliar. Walking with purpose and a sense of presence (not the look at me, here I come type) are all ingredients for body language, setting an intention, and a tone for business. I have found there are usually others out exercising too even if they aren’t strategizing about safety.
Another benefit of starting early, you feel satisfied and fulfilled to start the day with something precious to your state of being. Check mark by the “you are important and I value my state of well being.”  The activity takes the “edge off,” but also invigorates me for a place of inner calmness, problem solving with less ego attachment, and a sense of ease in the body structure.  On a personal note, I love the light of the morning and watching what starts to unfold as the master painter adds light and shade to what was in darkness–the magic of light.
Is this possible for everyone, all of the time–probably not, but the share is regarding exercise and safety while living and traveling in foreign places. Are there places in the world that woman don’t have to consider there personal safety?  Maybe, but since i have grown up with some need for awareness, that hard wiring is a part of me and I need to respect it.  Friends and family may be shocked to hear me concede this point, since I am the warrior type, but the gang raping situation in India and the distorted individuals who are opportunistic and without moral boundaries worldwide means I need to look out for me without losing all freedom.  A balancing act, but one to be honored.
A walk up the hill

A walk up the hill

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What A Journey!



Views while hiking at Tekapo Lake, New Zealand

What a journey!  A couple of days left and then back to the US and onto India.  It has been an interesting personal challenge to keep up on the exercise/nutrition program and find internet on a daily basis. A lot of the places had gyms/exercise rooms/access to local gyms as part of the stay.  Of course, walking/hiking on the trails, beaches, mountains, cities, etc. was a remarkable exercise option to say the least.

Eating on the move is a bit tougher with variations of eating out, buying from local stores, and cruise ship buffets.  As a vegetarian visiting a meat pie sort of place, I was still able to find something healthy and fresh choices.  I have learned a few new creative ways of adding roasted vegetables to sandwiches and more.  No doubt, Australia and New Zealand are the lands of abundance and wellness.  Overall, more of the populations were fit and healthy weights.  KFC, Mcdonalds, and Subway were common sights in most larger towns.  Subway offers a nice option for vegetarians and is consistent in offering something green.
Internet was an adventure too. Some free, some fast, some slow, some… but always found something. Nice part of the journey to blog, make iMovies, and keep a rhythm to the days exchange.
The Self Drive tour was perfection for flexible, calm, adventurous travel.  Highly recommended for personalizing your tour.  It was like living the Amazing Race without stress, since we drove to a new designation almost daily.  Having the car was easy and a great way to see the country.  Some of the distances were too vast and required flying, but the car travel was a favorite part of the journey.
Daily Selfseeds
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Selfseeds Cruising

The Amazing Adventure continues now from Australia to New Zealand. Views off the top floor of the ship and out the gym windows.  Nothing like a cruising gym and someone cooking!


Sydney, Australia



Gym window onboard the cruise ship. Selfseeds Fitness



Sydney Opera House (Amazing inside and outside!)



No excuses not to exercise with these views. Nice parking spot!



Sydney Harbor



Solarium (Selfseeds Stillness)



Sydney (view from the harbor.) (Personalize 5 Selfseeds)



Home for 12 days, Sydney to Auckland. Selfseeds abundance!


No lack of Selfseed opportunities while cruising–fitness, stillness, nutrition, emotion, weight distribution, balance…  Hope you are discovering, planting, or nurturing one of your own selfseeds daily! The Selfeed community would love to have you add one of your favorites!  Send a newsletter or Daily Selfseed video to a friend, family member, significant other and inspire the start of a Selfseed garden.

The Selseeds travel collection continues… Selfseeds #101 through #108 (view videos below.)


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Traveling In Australia With Selfseeds

Daily Selfseed #92 Walking Port Douglas, Australia

(video link below–just click)

Daily Selfseed #92 Walking Port Douglas, Australia

*All video links are in color below–have fun!)

Daily Selfseed #93 Port Douglas, Reflections

Daily Selfseed #93 Port Douglas Reflections

Daily Selfseed #94 Great Barrier Reef Swim

Daily Selfseed #94 Great Barrier Reef Swim

Daily Selfseed #95 Daintree Rainforest (Oldest rainforest in the world)

Daily Selfseed #95 Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Really enjoying the travels in Australia.  Fun to see how easy it is to take 5 minutes a day for Selfseeds!

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Practical application of Meditation


Yes, I am in India devoting myself to this topic and the depths of it, but I come from the Western world and appreciate the hectic nature of our lives.  While I was in California, at one point I gave up on meditating completely and changed it to a practice of “presence.”  The intention was to stay attentive to whatever I was doing: driving, typing on the computer, walking from one point to another, shopping, getting the mail, listening to a message.  I would pick sections of the day to minimize my multitasking and stay present in one aspect of an activity.  For me, the point was to develop an ability to be single-pointed in my focus.  We have all experienced that mad dash our minds do when we sit still–like it is practicing for an Olympic event.   Even while I am in India, I work to integrate the developing layers of meditative capacity by focusing on walking to the market, picking out fruits/vegetables, washing the dishes…

This author has written a clear and simple approach to the practical application of meditation.

Three Ways to Bring Meditation into the Chaos of Daily Life

Three Ways to Bring Meditation into the Chaos of Daily Life

By now, almost everyone is aware of the powerful benefits of meditation. When we become conscious of our breathing and direct our awareness inward, our body relaxes, our blood pressure and heart rate drop, and our brain state shifts from anxiety producing beta waves to the smoother experience of alpha waves.

Modern neuroscience now confirms what yogis, monks, and saints have known for years – meditation is good for the mind, body, and soul.

But here’s the problem – who has the time? It would be great to spend two hours each day at an ashram or a retreat center, sitting on a meditation pillow in serene silence. But most of us have jobs to go to, families to care for, and errands to run. In the midst of the chaos of daily life, we simply don’t have the luxury of meditating all day like monks in a monastery.
There is, however, a simple solution to this problem. It requires that we rethink the very nature of meditation. It requires a shift from “monk-style meditation” – where meditation occurs in isolation from the rest of our day – to “anywhere meditation” – where it occurs in the midst of life’s chaos.

We don’t need more time to meditate. We just need to learn to meditate in any situation – not just at a yoga studio or on a mountain retreat but in a traffic jam or an airport security line.

This is the kind of practice that Ralph Waldo Emerson describes in “Self-Reliance.” As he says, “It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”

How do you bring meditation into the chaos of daily life?

It’s All About the Breath
You can get lost in the details of meditation. You can become obsessed with posture, mantras (repeated phrases), and mudras (finger locks). But reduced to its essence, meditation is all about the breath. We always breathe, but, when we meditate, we breathe consciously. We bring our awareness to each inhale and exhale. So while you may not be able to sit in lotus pose during a board meeting, that doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate.

No matter what the situation, you can always bring attention to your breath and work toward lengthening each inhale and exhale. No one else even needs to know you’re doing it.

Finding the Gaps
All of us, no matter how busy, have small gaps in our day that are perfect for meditation. It might be the five-minute wait in line at the grocery store, the 10-minutes you spend stuck in traffic, or the two minutes you spend waiting for your computer to start up. In these moments, try shifting from frustration to meditation. Try bringing your attention to the breath and using these gaps as unexpected opportunities for calming the mind and body.

Meditative Multitasking
Finding gaps in the day gives you a time to go fully into meditation. But you can also bring meditation into almost any workday task.

Take meetings. In my experience, most meetings only require about 50% of our attention. You need to keep tabs on the flow of the conversation and offer your input when needed. But this leaves about 50% of your attention open for meditation. So rather than getting bored, try meditating. Experiment with bringing your attention to the breath as you follow the flow of the meeting. With practice, you can learn to meditate while doing just about any task – while checking emails, talking on the phone, or commuting to work.

You may never have a two-hour chunk of each day to devote to meditating. You may never have the time to sit cross-legged on the banks of a river or on the beach for hours each morning.

But if you master the art of “anywhere meditation,” that shouldn’t stop you from spending hours each day deep in meditation. The key is to shift from meditation as a separate activity performed in serene settings to meditation as a moment-to-moment way of being.

What do you think? Have you experimented with this shift from “monk-style meditation” to “anywhere meditation”? It’s super simple so why not give it a shot?

Written on 4/28/2011 by Nate Klemp. Nate earned his PhD at Princeton and is a professor at Pepperdine University. He founded, a website dedicated to exploring philosophy as an art of living. You can follow him on Twitter @LifeBeyondLogic and on Facebook. Download a free copy of his new ebook, Finding Reality: Thoreau’s Lessons for Life in the Digital Age.


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Eating on the move

Market in Jaipur, India

Eating:  what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, where to eat, etc. are all at the root of living.  Joyful–yes.   Challenging–yes.  Frustrating–yes.  Time consuming–yes.  And the list goes on regarding emotions and motions tied to food and nutrition.  The news is filled with articles on dieting and the new nutrition “plate” that has replaced the pyramid.  We are looking at getting back to basics with cooking from scratch at schools, fast food restaurants changing their menus to include more healthy choices, and how all of this relates to the growing trend towards obesity.  On the other end of the spectrum, we see the world news with the catastrophic numbers of malnourished children in Somalia and the growing numbers of hungry in America.  Food is a big part of our lives:  survival, business, and global interconnectedness.

With my recent move to India, I am buying fresh food at an open market, using bottled water religiously, and not currently owning a refrigerator–I am acutely aware of food again. Having lived in California where there is an abundant supply and diversity of fresh foods, clean tap water, and stores available 24/7 makes me very appreciative of the ease from which I came. Luckily,  I started the journey in great shape, so there are some reserves to make the transition.  My hope is to not find ill health as boundaries, but of course there have been some digestive adjustments as my “gut bugs” get introduced to new neighbors.  Living with a hot plate and no refrigerator does require planning and staying on top of how my supplies are doing without the Western appliance world at my fingertips .  I have always loved and lived on lots of salad, vegetables, fruits, nuts, yogurt–basics.  I have been fine with ant proof containers for grains, nuts, dried fruit, and dried milk powder.   I have a yogurt/milk source two doors down and a bottled water source on the ground floor of the building I live in.  The market is within a 15 minute walk, so I am set.

Multi-tasking while eating makes sense:  eating smart and nutritious.

food as more than nutrition


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How to keep the show going on the road


multi-tasking: fitness, balance, weight distribution

Working out at a gym can often be a privilege and a convenience.  Trying to keep up on fitness while traveling is not always easy.  Now that I have moved to India, I am in the midst of designing a fitness program that fits with the rhythm of the rest of my new life and doesn’t become guilt ridden, because I cannot do the “ideal” workout.   The gym is not going to be a realistic option, so I did invest in a spin bike and a few weights–and of course, I have my “I” band.  Meditation and a walk are in the morning.  The afternoon is 70 minutes on the bike with the integration of light weights, sitting, standing, and stomach crunches in varying intervals.  I finish up with heavier weights on the ground and my “I” band to check on my balance, flexibility, and rotational integration that I know from dancing, (no high heels right now.)  The afternoon and evening is more meditation, but with always an awareness for a straight spine, relaxed shoulders, and regular/deep breaths–trying to create the posture from the floor of my pelvis upward and radiating from inside to outside through my extremities, (dance position while sitting.)

Posture is posture: sitting or in motion

Here are two useful articles around staying fit and not making yourself crazy while traveling:

Staying fit when your workout takes a holiday

Hotels Take Fitness Into Guest Rooms –

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