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Opening The Door


Fun to see the improvement in sitting on the floor for meditation with just time, patience, and practice. No pressure! Systematic diligence! Opening the door…

DSC_3598 seated



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Notre Dame of Bellac, France Formal place of stillness


No anxiousness or distracted thinking while waiting now. A bonus to sit in stillness, even with eyes open. Stillness is now filled with aspects of doing.


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Noticing An Amount Of Eating Rule Of Thumb

IMG_5583 flower

If one cannot sit comfortably after eating–then it was too much!  If I cannot sit to meditate and would prefer to lie horizontally–I need to look at portion control.

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Multi-positioning On The Stationary Bicycle


Bike 3H



What better way to maximize your cardio workout on the stationary bicycle than to change up your position.  Three easy approaches are sitting, standing, and hovering.  One of my favorite workouts is 1 minute sitting (with or without adding the Integrative “I” band exercises) and spinning at speed (low tension), 2 minutes standing with finger tip touch on the handlebars (moderate tension), and 2 minutes hovering (light contact with the handlebars (highest tension.)  I repeat this 5 minute interval for 15 minutes or more.  In all positions, I work to keep a flat back and my neck in alignment with my spine–posture is a great fitness enhancer. If I have the band, I can change up the 1 minute exercises with the spinning.  Sometimes, I add in floor exercises between the 15 minute repetitions or another cardio machine.  A positive aspect of  mixing it up is to keep the mind and body interested and present.  Focus on posture and changing exercises help to minimize injuries by paying attention.

(a short video)

Thank you from all of the well wishers for healing energy.  Wow, am I learning a lot being the student in recovery!  I had a few days of intense learning about leg function and angry nerve endings,  Interesting to coax angry nerve endings to let go and let the muscles have their job back.  Normally, I can push through the pain so to speak, but this was a different beast requiring compromise, strategic lengthening, moving without exertion, and every step under scrutiny.  I slowed my pace until I could keep correct alignment and movement patterning, so I moved with minimal  distortions.   The human movement system is based on nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.  I have gotten to know the nervous system on a new level.
An interesting piece of advice from the physical therapist was to return to movement patterns that are familiar.  If you sit on the couch then continue, so I wasn’t in trouble for going to the gym and doing parts of my routine thoughtfully.  I was able to unstick aspects of my body using the familiar exercises and many from the corrective exercises.
No riding for four more weeks while the vertebrae knit back together.  A nice thought to get in a few rides before heading off to New Zealand, Australia, and India.
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Relief From The Restlessness

Direct your mind inward and allow it to contemplate its primary quality, which is simply knowing, being aware. This faculty of awareness-which is mindfulness in its pure state-illuminates all thoughts and all perceptions. It is a constant and fundamental quality of the flow of consciousness. You can experience it even in the absence of thoughts and mental images. Try to identify this primordial aspect of all experience, and then let your mind rest a few moments in this nondual awareness that is clear, lucid, and devoid of concepts and discursive thoughts.

Hay House – Daily Meditations – August 12, 2012 – Heal Your Life

What a love collection of words.  How to find relief from the restlessness of living life on the Earth?  Going deeper to find the ground of being and truth of who we are.  Who Am I?  One of the oldest spiritual questions known to man.

Meditating for long periods of time has challenged my inner restlessness on a mental and physical level.  At the ashram, we sit with a thin rug, so adjusting to using my core/back muscles, stretching my knees, opening my hips, finding the balance point, so I can relax into the posture and narrowing my mind wandering have all been part of the path again.  I don’t get frustrated when my mind pulls something up on the rolodex that appears out of alignment with “spiritual” thinking.  I just view it and then move on–acknowledging it but not getting caught in the web of analysis.  When my body gets fatigued in one position, I shift but I don’t get caught in the distraction of it–I just adjust and move on.

After only 24 days of meditating, my body and mine are adapting remarkably.  I can have my legs folded in a cross-legged position for longer periods of time with more comfort, but if the pain sets in then I move them to the side with the focus on my spine straightness. My mind doesn’t want to stay involved in the distraction of the outer sounds as my soul is pulling me inward.

At this point, the vessel is both the mind and the physical boundary of the body, so I try to embrace and work with both as partners on the path while I move to unveil the presence of the soul.

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