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Selfseeds for the Equestrian in Hungary

                          Fun share with a group of equestrians in Hungary. Thank you for hosting and exploring a modern design of root principles for wellness/awareness. As I travel and share Selfseeds, I see the universality of our basic human needs for a conscious, healthful…

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A Great Day Sharing Selfseeds For The Equestrian in Carbondale, CO

  “A big thank you to Strang Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado for providing a beautiful and welcoming site for Selfseeds for the Equestrian.” Maree McAteer and Sue Eoff gave a one day clinic that included three sections: Selfseeds for the rider, Selfseeds on the ground with your horse, and Selfseeds while riding. The eleven selfseeds…

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Creative Partnering Exercise

Hiking with four-leggeds and two-leggeds!!! Looking forward to the Selfseeds for the Equestrian Workshop at the Strang Ranch tomorrow! Selfseeds Carbondale 2017  

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Selfseeds for the Equestrian Longmont, Colorado

Selfseeds for the Equestrian If you are interested in developing better awareness, timing, and feel as a rider, come and participate in Selfseeds for the Equestrian. The evening includes a firsthand experience of the eleven Selfseeds and a demonstration of their application in the work in hand. Sponsored by Maree McAteer and Maria Wasson for…

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