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Sharing Selfseeds for the Equestrian with Colorado Rocky Mou...














Sharing Selfseeds for the Equestrian with the students and equestrian teachers (Amanda and Monica) at Colorado Rocky Mountain School was a pleasure. Selfseeds helped them each create a personalized map of their mind, body, and soul, so when they got on the horses bareback (I really liked the bareback approach which was a lesson for me!), they were able to get very clear and direct feedback from the horses. Both Amanda and Monica observed the students immediately were riding from a different inner awareness/exterior position without direct instruction. The second day included applying Selfseeds for the horse while working with the newly adopted Mustang and talking about the application of the 11 selfseeds while partnering/training the horse on the ground. Next, the students had a lesson with a saddle and more awareness was applied while giving direct instructions as they worked in a quadrille type file. I was very impressed how the principles of the selfseeds were applied in their personal lives in the days between the lessons! Wow! Awesome to watch selfseeds planted, nurtured, and grown over just a few days. Thank you for this inspiring and heartwarming experience!!!


“Sue Eoff’s Selfseeds program initiated almost immediate and visible transformations among our riding students. Her knowledge, humor and over-all awareness of all that contributes to the horse-human bond is truly amazing. She first introduced to our students, thru a variety of effective methods and movements, the seeds that consist of the Selfseeds program prior to getting on the horses themselves–and then the magic happened! Each student evidenced a noticeable difference on horseback; they were focused, soft, reflective, centered and ‘linked’ to their animals. And these are teenagers, mind you! Sue also worked with the school’s mustang and immediately demonstrated the need to ‘see’ training aids thru the guise of the horse. Over-all, Sue provided us with horse skills and life skills in that sometimes the best methodology of all is to simply be–be present, be mindful, be aware.”

Amanda Leahy

History Chair and Equestrian Teacher

Colorado Rocky Mountain School
Carbondale, CO
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Selfseeds for the Equestrian in Hungary














Fun share with a group of equestrians in Hungary. Thank you for hosting and exploring a modern design of root principles for wellness/awareness. As I travel and share Selfseeds, I see the universality of our basic human needs for a conscious, healthful life style. The horses need our support as well!!
















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A Great Day Sharing Selfseeds For The Equestrian in Carbonda...


“A big thank you to Strang Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado for providing a beautiful and welcoming site for Selfseeds for the Equestrian.”

Maree McAteer and Sue Eoff gave a one day clinic that included three sections: Selfseeds for the rider, Selfseeds on the ground with your horse, and Selfseeds while riding. The eleven selfseeds provide fundamental awareness tools for developing and improving every aspect of being with the horse, feeling, and timing whether dismounted or mounted. At lunch, Maree shared her experience of Ren Hurst’s fundamental principles of being in right action with one’s self and one’s horse. The weather was beautiful, the participants were enthusiastic about exploring a deeper part of the horse partnership, and joy was permeating the arena.

“Thank you everyone! We are jumping up-and-down and cheerleading for the use of Selfseeds to easily and clearly take people on a bridge of an ever developing relationship with their horses and riding. We are looking forward to more opportunities to share Selfseeds for the Equestrian in either a one, two, or three day format.”


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Creative Partnering Exercise

Hiking with four-leggeds and two-leggeds!!!

Looking forward to the Selfseeds for the Equestrian Workshop at the Strang Ranch tomorrow!

Selfseeds Carbondale 2017


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Selfseeds for the Equestrian Longmont, Colorado

Selfseeds for the Equestrian

If you are interested in developing better awareness, timing, and feel as a rider, come and participate in Selfseeds for the Equestrian. The evening includes a firsthand experience of the eleven Selfseeds and a demonstration of their application in the work in hand. Sponsored by Maree McAteer and Maria Wasson for a journey of conscious empowerment.

Date and time: September 1, 2016, 6:00- 8:00 pm
Where: Westwinds Farm

Selfseeds for the Equestrian:

The path with the horse is about learning to be good stewards, whether for pleasure or competition. Good stewardship begins with examining one’s self, granting the horse intelligence, and learning how to assess the horse’s state of mind.

Selfseeds is an awareness journey for humans and horses with wellness, consciousness, and harmonious partnering at the core. Eleven Selfseeds provide the template for greater awareness: fitness, nutrition, stillness, emotions, weight distribution, flexibility, balance, rhythm, integrative band, partnering, and personalized five.

Selfseeds are examined and utilized in three areas: first, applying them to the human, second, the human with the horse on the ground, and third, the human astride the horse—a journey of conscious empowerment is undertaken. The uniqueness of both the horse and rider requires self inquiry, discernment, and compassion in the communication and application of the circle of the aids (classically, the seat, legs, and hands as understood by the rider and horse.)


Understanding and applying the circle of the aids for clear, effective, and humane communication.

Part 1. Examining and exploring human awareness, timing, and feel for the application of the circle of the aides.
Part 2. Circle of the aids dismounted (work in hand.)
Part 3. Circle of the aids applied and understood within the riding partnership.

Selfseeds for Humans and Horses presented by Susan Eoff and Maree McAteer:

Susan and Maree met twenty-seven years ago. Early in the friendship, Maree visited Sue in Portugal while studying classical dressage with Señor Luis Valenca. Over the years, they stayed in contact comparing notes on what they had learned and observed while working with horses and students in different countries and disciplines of riding. After re-meeting, they have independently come to the conclusion that the best way to help the horses is by helping the humans. Several years ago, Sue had been asked to develop a program called “Ride Like A Dancer” which combined her knowledge of dressage and ballroom dancing to help provide insight into the skills needed for partnering with the horse. Over time, it morphed into Selfseeds which provides the seeds for self empowerment through mind, body, and soul awareness. Selfseeds are equally relevant for horses, so Sue and Maree are teaming up to provide a comprehensive, awareness program for both riders and horses.



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