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Textures Everywhere

The joy of textures. Sensing, seeing, hearing, feeling, and more. Start with one for Selfseeds Personalize 5.                                        

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Starting The Walk At 7, 200 ft. Elevation

Starting a hike at 7,200 ft elevation and immediately walking up immediately tests one’s fitness. The raw beauty makes one feel profoundly humble to be part of something much bigger then one’s self. I will put the total experience in the Selfseeds Personalize 5 category even though the hike was several hours.

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Hiking in the Desert

Nothing like a hike in the quiet of nature. Multi-Selfseeds with a check mark in just 3 hours: stillness, fitness, weight distribution, balance, and Personalize five.

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Daily Selfseed # 16: Can We Always Touch Inspiration?

In some ways inspiration is a choice, because it is always present.  There is always light even in the darkness.  What we do with that free will and choice is personal.  It is inspiring for me to see these videos, reflect on the journey in creating the photo series, the beauty of the locations, and…

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Daily Selfseed #9 Nature’s Stream

   0:33 Daily Selfseed #9 Nature’s Stream Daily Selfseed is a reminder to take 5 minutes, pick a Selfseed, plant it in your personal garden, and watch it grow. Nature’s Stream is a reminder to take time to enjoy the sound…    

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Mother Nature

Well wishes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy/Frakenstorm and to a safe, expedient recovery! Most of the time, nature is a remarkable aspect of living whether it is sitting in it, walking in it, viewing it, or contacting its’ essence in some mode.  Even Mother Nature in her extreme mode is stunning and awesome in…

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5 minutes (or more) for yourself

What absolutely invigorates you?  What calms you down and helps you to find inner peace and balance?  What place do you want to find within yourself that feels stress free?  How do you get there?  Do you practice finding that destination on a regular basis?  What happens when you don’t touch into that place?  The…

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