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Planting Selfseeds In Indio, California



Super fun to share Selfseeds with riders and friends in Indio, California. Enthusiastic and inquisitive group!



Tahquitz Equestrian Facility presents
Selfseeds Awareness Clinic
with Sue Eoff
Sunday January 10th at 1pm
WHAT: As aspiring, well intentioned riders we always need to look at our part of the horse and rider partnership. How can we become more sensitive, have better timing and coordination, as well as a developed sense of the horse? Selfseeds was originally created to help riders better understand their strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive wellness/awareness practice. It has continued to develop and grow into an awareness opportunity for all two-leggeds. Selfseeds includes eleven selfseeds practices (stillness, emotions, weight distribution, fitness, etc.) that are based on five minute practices. A person can plant a few selfseeds regularly or all eleven as part of a personal garden to nurture, support, and grow. The interactive exploration of Selfseeds starts on the ground, so bring something to sit on, comfortable clothes, and an open mind. for more information.
WHEN: Sunday 1pm at Tahquitz
WHERE: Tahquitz Equestrian Facility (we will convene somewhere dry and flat. Bring a towel or blanket to sit on.)
WHO: YOU! Anyone and everyone all levels, any discipline. Spread the word! This is for riders and non riders alike. No horse needed.
THANKS: This clinic is being put on at no charge courtesy of Sue Eoff. We welcome her to Tahquitz as a new addition to our team. Sue’s passion is classical dressage. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, an innate passion for the horse our partner, and the skills to teach, ride, and train horses and riders of all disciplines and levels. You can read more about Sue at We hope you will come join us this Sunday!
QUESTIONS/CONTACT: Please contact Laurie Cunningham if you have and questions or 760-250-8418


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Teachers, Teachings, And A Path



Daily walks, time for contemplation, and meditation have given me an opportunity to think about teachers, teachings, and a path.  I have had a lot of teachers over the years with the various pursuits I have followed and the teacher is important.  Part of our learning as students is the discernment to chose wisely or make shifts if needed.  One of the first challenges is how to chose the appropriate teacher when entering a new field of interest. Are there basic qualities in a teacher that are universal?  Humility, respecting the edge of one’s knowledge base, and continuing to be a student are three basic criteria that I find help to build my confidence to want to learn from someone.  When someone is willing to say they don’t know, or let me look into that, or direct you to someone who does know are signs that the teacher respects the listener, has a desire to provide a useful service or right action towards the student’s needs, and has the quiet strength to not be the expert and be vulnerable.  The search for the truth has been a relentless seeking quality for me, so if the teacher’s ego distracts from this point of clarity and alignment, I find it limiting at some point. Of course, I have to consider my ego as part of the limitation as well and actually the first place to look–not the second. Unfortunately, it can take time to recognize this weak spot if the ego is doing a “good” job taking command.  We all need guides, cheerleaders, and support, but who and in what form are a few of the challenges.

Once a teacher or system is chosen, a few points to keep under scrutiny are, is it making sense, moving towards  the goal or solution in general, and leading to the focal point in a productive way. Again, we are a bit at the mercy of the learning curve in the beginning, but a person’s quality as a human can always be examined and then stack on the professional capability afterwards. We all have different personality types, so choosing is very individual.  Recommendations  and observations from other students for integrity, work ethic, and results history can all be useful as well.  A red flag goes up for me if I can’t meet the person, ideally observe a few lessons (if the students are comfortable with this idea), and speak with other clients. What is my gut reaction and intuition telling me?  Part of the teaching relationship is the ability to attune to the teacher, so start there.  It doesn’t have to happen the first moment of contact, but examine it as if you were looking at a gemstone in the light–turn it over and look at it from different angles.

Another point to consider is does one make a shift to a new teacher or body of work when challenged or uncomfortable with change?  Maybe it is the moment to stay, dig in, and walk into the fire? Or does one need to be discerning, not get thrown under the bus, and recognize when to move on for the sake of clarity and self respect?  I have stayed in difficult situation, because the person is knowledgeable, but that knowledge came with a price.  Ideally, mastery, knowledge, and kindness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. My best teachers have had all three qualities and it was a remarkable experience along the path of leaning.

The actual direction and how to proceed on the path is another big area of inquiry. At this point, one thing I feel comfortable saying is that it needs to be personalized, so it resonates for the individual’s growth which is unique.  Looking outside one’s personal space can be useful but confusing.  Take the scenery in as possible clues, but develop a relationship with your inner voice to refine and find the course that is personal.  While I am in India, I am the only one at the ashram going for 2-3 hour daily walks in the countryside, but I know that is critical for me to be able to process what I am learning and sit quietly for hours in between meditating.  For someone else, he or she might be so tired that falling a sleep and lots of aching muscles would become a distraction. The path takes work on many levels. I really like that my teacher in India has no curriculum, but he is willing to answer what questions arise while I am trying to go straight.  I see the wisdom in this approach, so it immediately is personalized.

Whoever we learn from or whatever we pursue, it does take self discipline, attention to detail, and effort. The teacher cannot do our part–he or she is just a guide on the journey.

(Not my photo, but gorgeous and epitomizes the gemstone effect in the light…


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What Injuries Are Teaching Me



What injuries are teaching me. A life time-out and opportunity to go inward.  It is like hitting the pause button, examining life from a new vantage point, and then taking action from the new point of view.  Something useful has come out of each pause even if I don’t agree at the time. The value in rebuilding the scaffolding teaches me something that I may have taken for granted or overlooked.  Lessons that will require attention to detail and patience.  I applaud the caretakers in the field who patiently help us emotionally and physically to put the pieces back together. As I have more experience moving through life (aging), I don’t just ignore and muscle through the pain, but work towards healing and bringing awareness to the challenge.  An inward meditation so to speak.


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