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Where It All Starts and Finishes


Lotus flower


Vibration, resonance, energy, and other names.  Everything starts and finishes with these, so all is one and the same.  Getting to know one’s self at this level will help support all of the outer layers.  Take 5 minutes to plant a Selfseed Stillness and go inward.


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What Injuries Are Teaching Me



What injuries are teaching me. A life time-out and opportunity to go inward.  It is like hitting the pause button, examining life from a new vantage point, and then taking action from the new point of view.  Something useful has come out of each pause even if I don’t agree at the time. The value in rebuilding the scaffolding teaches me something that I may have taken for granted or overlooked.  Lessons that will require attention to detail and patience.  I applaud the caretakers in the field who patiently help us emotionally and physically to put the pieces back together. As I have more experience moving through life (aging), I don’t just ignore and muscle through the pain, but work towards healing and bringing awareness to the challenge.  An inward meditation so to speak.


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Mother Nature

Well wishes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy/Frakenstorm and to a safe, expedient recovery!

A drink from a trough connected to our souls

Most of the time, nature is a remarkable aspect of living whether it is sitting in it, walking in it, viewing it, or contacting its’ essence in some mode.  Even Mother Nature in her extreme mode is stunning and awesome in many ways.  She inspires us with her profound beauty, freedom of expression, and unpredictability.  Many attempts are made to duplicate her uniqueness and exquisite nature, but nothing quite compares.  Contact provides a thirst quenching drink from a trough linked to our souls.

Enjoy the following article.

Finding Zen in a Patch of Nature 

Buck Butler for The New York Times

David Haskell in in Sewanee, Tenn., on the Domain of the University of the South.

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