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Selfseeds Garden Is Growing


The trial run for the Selfseeds for school children is moving forward at warp speed with support on many levels. Selfseeds for the Equestrian is continuing to unfold as well–thank you Maree for being part of the exercise development.

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Six Weeks of Selfseeds: Carbondale, Colorado


Offering a six week introductory/exploratory self awareness/mindfulness practice for equestrians. Improving one’s relationship with the horse requires examining one’s self on a mind, body, and soul level. The six week program will include an introduction to the 11 Selfseeds, a weekly exploration of two Selfseeds applied to the one’s self and the horse, regular meetings to share observations/ask questions, and a final wrap-up. There is no charge, but participants committed to the six week program are encouraged.

Selfseeds was designed to help two-leggeds understand what are important aspects for communicating with four-leggeds. Originally, I was asked to create a program called Ride Like A Dancer that combined my experience with classical dressage training, horsemanship, and ballroom dancing for insight into the challenges of partnering. Over time, the program grew into Selfseeds which is a template for developing one’s wellness/awareness as a sacred garden. The 11 Selfseeds are relevant for both the rider and the horse: nutrition, fitness, stillness, emotions, weight distribution, flexibility, balance, rhythm, integrative band, partnering, and personalize 5. Pick one or several Selfseeds and start planting your personal garden.

Where: Carbondale, Colorado

When: Mid-July 2016 through the end of August

How often: weekly

Cost: commitment

Facilitator: Sue Eoff in conjunction with Maree McAteer.

Contact: Sue or Maree


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Spiral of Life Relaunch of Selfseeds


The chicken near the water is life sized.

I found the original tape “Ride Like a Dancer” which was the beginning stage of the Selfseeds program. Fun to review and I had forgotten a few points that I will add back into the program: observing the changes as each Selfseeds is explored and experienced through walking.

After examining different disciplines of riding and the state of life for horses globally, a small group of us feel the best way to be a messenger and supporter for the horse is to address the two-legged part of the partnership. The group felt Selfseeds was a well thought out, comprehensive program to address the art of being an authentic horsemen as the “internet” age is unfolding–stark contrast to grazing time.

The relaunch of Selfseeds is in progress. After my time in India and sitting with how to be the best messenger for the horses, I feel very joyful about starting back on the path of Selfseeds. The owner of where I live is offering the 28 acre property to develop a Selfseeds Sanctuary, so the next step is to create short term and longterm test opportunities, gather information, and start developing a team of people.



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What Is On The Selfseeds’ Horizon?



Balloon Ride Anyone? Personalize 5

What is next on the Selfseeds’ horizon?

First of all, the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is cueing up.

Secondly, Karen and I have decided to move forward enthusiastically with the retreat development.  The opportunity to develop, share, and help facilitate an environment for the living cycle of “being-to-doing-to-being,” through the eyes of the self and the horse is inspiring both of us tremendously.  We are gratefully able to take all of our experiences and put them in a shared basket for others:  the template of Selfseeds, ground work, biomechanics, and potentially riding will be the format.

The retreat format can be challenging “to make the time,” but the need for emersion is often what supports understanding, transformation, and the use of new tools/awareness practices.  We are going to create a menu of options that allow for varied time allowances–hours to days.  My current time in India reminds me of the invaluable aspects of “diving in” to what it is that we want to explore. The process of making the space is often daunting, but I have never regretted the outcome. Is it the voice of the ego trying to keep a rein on the situation?

Over the years of taking personal retreats for better understanding myself, the path, the horse, techniques for better communication, and more, the reserved time allows for an environment with fewer outer distractions. There is a single-pointedness in the design that supports the experience as personal and unique. My time in India has different distractions than living in California, but the primary focus rises to the surface rather than being submerged by my history of day-to-day living.  The shift in environment often allows an opening to deepen inner awareness that can be more difficult to orchestrate or justify in a daily stillness practice. Ironically, the deepening often gives one more support for one’s daily practice, so it becomes a win-win situation.

More to follow as we create the technical side for support:  website, brochure, etc.

Plant a selfseed and watch your personal garden grow!


Morning run by Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

(short video below)

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Virtual Selfseeds

The new direction for Selfseeds is to create a virtual program. The decision is a very exciting one, so I won’t be bound to a set location.  In other words, I will have the freedom to plant Selfseeds as I travel and live in other countries. It is a brilliant solution as the next step, so I am starting to create a series of short videos that people can gather thoughts, ideas, exercises, information, and inspiration for 5 minute Selfseeds.  

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