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Daily Selfseed #14 Caball (Integrative cable and stability b...

 Caball (cable +ball exercises)DSC_4354


Ok, I am one of those strange people who actually loves going to the gym.  I like the feel of moving, challenging my balance, and figuring out the interconnection of movement. Caball has been so fun to create. It involves balancing on the stability ball while exercising with cables.  There is no where to anchor or stabilize accept for your inner core.  People at the gym are asking me what I am doing and make comments about how hard it looks.  Hmmmm…not sure how difficult they are, since I haven’t had anyone to try them out on.  Next step.  There was some discussion about having people sign a release before taking a place on the ball….


One of the riding students has been practicing kneeling on the ball which is very cool.

An update on the main purpose of why I am in Northern California, helping a friend who is recovering from shoulder surgery.  It has been an amazing journey getting to school her horse and help her with her recovery exercises.  Just a little under 4 months and today she walked, trotted, and cantered on her horse.  The work going forward is to help integrate the new movement range, strength, and pattern with the horse’s new straightness, throughness, and self-carriage.  It has been invaluable to ride the horse and change his patterns, so when the owner got back on, I could see the patterns of the rider more clearly.  Normally it is the chicken or the egg about who is causing what. The corrective exercise course was timely with learning the phases of recovery: inhibition, lengthening, strength, and integration.  She is in part 3 moving to part 4.  Riding a horse is like balancing on a giant moving stability ball.  Two more months to go…. Our work together is helping me to create a sensing, balancing, and timing series off the horse. Thank you!!!

Please take a look at the assessment video for riding and let me know if it makes sense/inspires/clarifies or confuses/intimidates/doesn’t make sense.  There has been a suggestion of making a video with different disciplines and different riders.  Having fun creating, so all input is appreciated–the truth and nothing but.


#9 Assessment Riding (Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program)
A couple of items I want to share 1) this great article about fitness fanatics (you might surprise yourself and find that you have one or more of the traits) and 2) a fun video on a bull dog named Axel (and his bucket) that I met yesterday.



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Virtual Selfseeds

The new direction for Selfseeds is to create a virtual program. The decision is a very exciting one, so I won’t be bound to a set location.  In other words, I will have the freedom to plant Selfseeds as I travel and live in other countries. It is a brilliant solution as the next step, so I am starting to create a series of short videos that people can gather thoughts, ideas, exercises, information, and inspiration for 5 minute Selfseeds.  

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