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Weight Distribution, Posture, and Alignment

When do we need posture and alignment?  The better question would be when do we not need posture and alignment? Everything about the body design is focused on alignment and posture, so the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones can operate with minimal distortion, pain, or injury.  For many  repetitive stress, accidents, genetic composition, and more can lead to postural challenges.  Seeking professional input and assessment, learning how to correct or improve old injuries, developing a program to strengthen and lengthen challenge areas, and attention to detail are all ways to start making changes.  How I walk, reach, and bend are all moments to sense into my body and work towards improved functional alignment.


 Practicing rotational movement with alignment for dancing, strengthening, and challenging range of motion.
The young horses are progressing quickly. Interesting to observe them when they are led away from the group and start to know them as individuals.
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Feedback From The Selfseeds Integrative “I” Band

Integrative "I" Band as a feedback tool for proper core use.

Integrative “I” Band as a feedback tool for proper core use.

The “I” Band (Selfseeds Integrative Band) gives feedback exteriorly and interiorly for the “drawing in” action recommended for developing core stabilization in the interior/exterior muscles of the core.  There are layers to the core: local, global, and movement.  

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