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Walking In Seattle, Washington

The passion for walking in a new city is always part of my travel plan. Thank you Seattle, Washington.

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Magic Garden

While I was staying on Whidbey Island, I was able to workout at my host’s gym.  It is always fun to see what equipment is available, how it is arranged, and how the gym is managed.  This particular gym is very, very clean and a lot of attention to detail to make it feel personal and inviting.  Their pool didn’t use chlorine, so I wish that I had brought my bathing suit.  I really like swimming, but the level of chlorination can make or break my desire to swim.  If I wasn’t on the countdown for leaving the country, I would have taken more advantage of hiking on the trails or walking on the beach.  The nature setting is absolutely stunning.  Sitting outside watching and hearing the water was very satisfying for my stillness practice.  Notice the bench in the garden and how beautifully it is placed to take in the spectacular view.

Category: Fitness, Selfseeds
Tag: fitness, gym, India, travel, Washington