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Long or short, increments of honoring the self wellness of a retreat. Even just 5 minutes.



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What Is On The Selfseeds’ Horizon?



Balloon Ride Anyone? Personalize 5

What is next on the Selfseeds’ horizon?

First of all, the Selfseeds Virtual Riding Program is cueing up.

Secondly, Karen and I have decided to move forward enthusiastically with the retreat development.  The opportunity to develop, share, and help facilitate an environment for the living cycle of “being-to-doing-to-being,” through the eyes of the self and the horse is inspiring both of us tremendously.  We are gratefully able to take all of our experiences and put them in a shared basket for others:  the template of Selfseeds, ground work, biomechanics, and potentially riding will be the format.

The retreat format can be challenging “to make the time,” but the need for emersion is often what supports understanding, transformation, and the use of new tools/awareness practices.  We are going to create a menu of options that allow for varied time allowances–hours to days.  My current time in India reminds me of the invaluable aspects of “diving in” to what it is that we want to explore. The process of making the space is often daunting, but I have never regretted the outcome. Is it the voice of the ego trying to keep a rein on the situation?

Over the years of taking personal retreats for better understanding myself, the path, the horse, techniques for better communication, and more, the reserved time allows for an environment with fewer outer distractions. There is a single-pointedness in the design that supports the experience as personal and unique. My time in India has different distractions than living in California, but the primary focus rises to the surface rather than being submerged by my history of day-to-day living.  The shift in environment often allows an opening to deepen inner awareness that can be more difficult to orchestrate or justify in a daily stillness practice. Ironically, the deepening often gives one more support for one’s daily practice, so it becomes a win-win situation.

More to follow as we create the technical side for support:  website, brochure, etc.

Plant a selfseed and watch your personal garden grow!


Morning run by Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

(short video below)

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