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Ingredients To Consider For Results



Headed up the hill with a load…

What supports results, visions, goals, transformation, change, and more?

Focus, self discipline, commitment, steps, guidelines, perseverance, observation, and…


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Only Two More Weeks!!

Wanting to Join The Workout?

The time has really flown by.  I looked at my IP schedule and saw that there are only two more weeks.  It is still very challenging:  breathing hard, sweating a lot, and trembling muscles at times.  One of the “advanced” videos that can act as a substitute to make it harder was not working, so I used the “easier” version.  Wow, there was definite progress.  The “easier” program was from last month, so I was shocked at the difference.  The little-by-little strategy and consistency plan is a real key to results.  I am looking forward to continuing with the program in India.  Instead of starting from the beginning, I will plan on starting from the second month.  The Hip-Hop-Abs is still fun too.

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