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Look Around. What Does This Inspire?


Look around. What does this inspire?

Selfseeds Stillness

Selfseeds Emotions

Selfseeds Fitness

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Quick, Convenient Touchstone to Fitness


I was given two exercise devices (rowing and core toner) to experiment with at home. I added a few free weights and made a point to exercise once or twice a day for 5 minutes or more, in addition to my normal gym routine. It was easy to access, great as a supplement to watching television, uncomplicated to navigate, and the best part—it made a difference in my peace of mind and body tone.

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Spiral of Life Relaunch of Selfseeds


The chicken near the water is life sized.

I found the original tape “Ride Like a Dancer” which was the beginning stage of the Selfseeds program. Fun to review and I had forgotten a few points that I will add back into the program: observing the changes as each Selfseeds is explored and experienced through walking.

After examining different disciplines of riding and the state of life for horses globally, a small group of us feel the best way to be a messenger and supporter for the horse is to address the two-legged part of the partnership. The group felt Selfseeds was a well thought out, comprehensive program to address the art of being an authentic horsemen as the “internet” age is unfolding–stark contrast to grazing time.

The relaunch of Selfseeds is in progress. After my time in India and sitting with how to be the best messenger for the horses, I feel very joyful about starting back on the path of Selfseeds. The owner of where I live is offering the 28 acre property to develop a Selfseeds Sanctuary, so the next step is to create short term and longterm test opportunities, gather information, and start developing a team of people.



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Walking In San Francisco



Didn’t make it to the 1/2 marathon run in San Francisco, but it was fun to do the course by walking. Wonderful to walk in such a beautiful environment along the bay and across the bridge.


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What A Journey!



Views while hiking at Tekapo Lake, New Zealand

What a journey!  A couple of days left and then back to the US and onto India.  It has been an interesting personal challenge to keep up on the exercise/nutrition program and find internet on a daily basis. A lot of the places had gyms/exercise rooms/access to local gyms as part of the stay.  Of course, walking/hiking on the trails, beaches, mountains, cities, etc. was a remarkable exercise option to say the least.

Eating on the move is a bit tougher with variations of eating out, buying from local stores, and cruise ship buffets.  As a vegetarian visiting a meat pie sort of place, I was still able to find something healthy and fresh choices.  I have learned a few new creative ways of adding roasted vegetables to sandwiches and more.  No doubt, Australia and New Zealand are the lands of abundance and wellness.  Overall, more of the populations were fit and healthy weights.  KFC, Mcdonalds, and Subway were common sights in most larger towns.  Subway offers a nice option for vegetarians and is consistent in offering something green.
Internet was an adventure too. Some free, some fast, some slow, some… but always found something. Nice part of the journey to blog, make iMovies, and keep a rhythm to the days exchange.
The Self Drive tour was perfection for flexible, calm, adventurous travel.  Highly recommended for personalizing your tour.  It was like living the Amazing Race without stress, since we drove to a new designation almost daily.  Having the car was easy and a great way to see the country.  Some of the distances were too vast and required flying, but the car travel was a favorite part of the journey.
Daily Selfseeds
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Daily Selfseed #4b Animal Soul

Kitty greeting

Greeting a favorite “ancient” kitty at the stables

Interesting that somehow I snuck Flexibility into the #4 spot for Daily Selfseeds when the animal soul is the official #4–and one of my favorites!!! Let’s hear it for the animal soul and how remarkable that touchstone is to our daily lives!!  I would love to have people share on the community page their animals and how special they are for touching into the human soul.

12 May 2013 14:50

(*Working on the video production and the new ones are full screen and outdoors! Up to #69 and counting!)
Janet the llama
Healthy Benefits of the HumanAnimal Bond
by Amanda Kelly A young girl in the hospital is comforted by a specially trained therapy dog–highlighting the therapeutic benefits of the animalhuman bond 
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