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Forgetting To Go Inward















What we often forget to do on a regular basis–go inward.

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Daily Inquiry: 3 minutes of Selfseeds: How To Start Your Ga...



How to start your Selfseeds Garden?

Every action has an inquiry at the root whether it is conscious or unconscious.  As I work with Selfseeds in my own life, examine life in general while meditating in India, I am using inquiry to find answers or markers for where my part on the path needs observation, repair, or surrender. If you practice inquiry, the time frame for noticing, examining, taking action, and examining the outcome can happen in a fairly short sequence.  Everyone is busy, under pressure, and short of time. The Selfseeds 5 minute practices were developed as a result of this lifestyle, but I was already motivated to take action–just very out of balance with the availability of time.

As I am experiencing Selfseeds through other people, one area that I see needs attention is how to plant and grow a Selfseeds Garden. As a possible starting point, I have a suggestion.

3 minutes of Selfseeds Daily:  How To Start Your Garden

Pick three times in your day to spend 1 minute with three different Selfseeds. Use a timer, so you start to get a sense of a 1 minute concentrated practice.1. Morning: Selfseeds Fitness (Physical):  spend 1 minute sitting quietly (eyes open or closed) and go through an inner inquiry, examination of your form, how it feels, noticing possible disturbances, appreciating possible strengths, and visualizing an area being corrected that may need support.

2. Afternoonish: Selfseeds Emotion (Mental): spend 1 minute sitting quietly (eyes open or closed) and go through an inner inquiry of your emotional state. No judgment, just observe and sense into how the emotions feel interiorly.

3. Evening:  Selfseeds Stillness (Spirit): spend 1 minute sitting quietly (eyes open or closed) and go through an inner inquiry of your state of inner stillness, silence, and presence. No judgement as thoughts appear. Embrace them, set them aside, and explore what inner stillness could start to lead to in terms of calmness, peace, and tranquility.

Please, give it a try and let me know your thoughts on usefulness, applications, and motivations.
(Daily Selfeeds #139  short video below)
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